Mark Gordon Wyoming Governor Phone Number, Email Address, Mailing Address and More

Wyoming State Capitol

The Governor of Wyoming is the main power of the Government of Wyoming. He is the executive head of the Government of Wyoming. The Governor of Wyoming lead the government in all front, from politics to social welfare. The office of the Governor of Wyoming is located in Idelman Mansion, Carey Avenue, Cheyenne. The current Governor of Wyoming Matt Mead who was elected in 2011 as the 32nd Governor of Wyoming.

In this article, we have compiled information Wyoming Governor contact details, such as email address, mailing address, office address, telephone number, administrative contact number, governor office number, and more. So, let’s see!

Wyoming State Capitol
Wyoming State Capitol

Mark Gordon Wyoming Governor Phone Number, Email Address, Mailing Address and More

Wyoming Governor Mailing Address, and Capitol Address

The Office of the Governor can be reached at the following addresses. You can send your feedback, suggestion, and complaint to the following addresses.

  • Mailing Address: Idelman Mansion, 2323 Carey Ave. Cheyenne, WY 82002-0010
  • Office Address: As Above

Wyoming Governor Contact Details, such as Telephone Number, Phone Number, Contact Number, Email Address, Official Site, and More

To connect with the Governor of Wyoming, please find below telephone numbers and contact numbers. These are phone lines used by the Office of the Governor. Most probably, phone will be operated by the phone operator, office assistant, or personal secretary.

  • Wyoming Governor Contact Number: 307.777.7434
  • Communications Office Contact Number: 307.777.7434
  • Communications Office Phone Number: 307.777.7434
  • Communications Office Fax Number: 307.632.3909
  • Communications Office TTY Number: Not Available
  • Office Media Inquiries: Not Available
  • Administration Office Contact Number: Not Available
  • Appointments Office Phone Number: Not Available
  • Appointments Email Address: Not Available
  • Cabinet Affairs Contact Number: Not Available

Social Media Presence / Social Media Accounts and Pages

To connect with the Governor of Wyoming, please follow him on various social media platforms and sites. Please find here his verified accounts, Twitter and Facebook.

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About Wyoming Governor

The Governor of Wyoming is the head of the Government of Wyoming. The Government of Wyoming building is located in Idelman Mansion, Carey Avenue, Cheyenne.


Q.1 How to Contact Wyoming Governor
Answer: To contact the Governor of Wyoming, then please use the contact details above.

Q.2 How to Meet Wyoming Governor
Answer: To meet the Governor of Wyoming, please try above mentioned contact information to get an appointment.

Article Title: Mark Gordon Wyoming Governor Phone Number, Email Address, Mailing Address and More
Article last re-published on March 30, 2020.

6 thoughts on “Mark Gordon Wyoming Governor Phone Number, Email Address, Mailing Address and More

  1. To Govenor Gordan,
    Fish and Wildlife want to kill a bunch of bears, SERIOUSLY???? At Yellowstone.
    If they need to decrease bear population, tell them about Bear Sanctuaries all over the US, etc and here in CO at Keenesburg would take them, Have they heard about that, have they heard about tranquilizers to take them. Have they thought about helping the bears/all wildlife, by making a special seclusion/ sanctuary there at Yellowstone. WY allows killing animals, all for money to the state. What about sanctuaries and charge fee. PLEASE help, its 2020 and humans are still slaughtering animals, now we have Covid 19 from animals, idiots hurting and killing them, getting back at the people. Really???What does this Fish and Wildlife really do, other than nothing to get a check.

  2. Really, no email address? Snail mail, only, huh? Who knows where this ends up.
    A pandemic complaint won’t wait for a USPS delivery, so here goes. Wake up Governor, we’re in the middle of a medical crisis that will be affecting nearly every human on the planet (whether you want to believe it or not, those of you still convinced it’s something else) and Wyoming is not behaving accordingly. I’m on my third article in national publications, including The Rachel Maddow Show, where Wyoming was singled out (amount 5 other states) for their tepid response to this unprecedented horror. There’s an today article in, titled “Lander City Council Member shares insight from Sage West visit”; look it up, it’s not pretty and it’s where I live. From what I’ve read, your singular response to all this is to give the fossil fuel industry a tax break. I about fell over. There are businesses in Lander that may never open their doors again. Having a small business is difficult enough in Wyoming and then to not have your governor be in your corner – I can’t imagine the panic and heartbreak. It’s time to enforce a stay-at-home policy, which I’ve been doing for nearly 3 weeks now, but I have a sinking feeling your inaction will draw this out even longer.

    1. Mark Gordon’s a piece of shi* pus*y he should be voted out as soon as possible grow some balls dick head and open up the state there’s no threat here

  3. Governor Gordon,
    Please Post an email address for an aide at least.

    When will the Governors of each state post the information of ACTIVE CASES of COVID19 by county, or at least by state? Will you encourage this?

    I understand that the number of recovered may not have been followed, but surely the ACTIVE cases are now being looked at.
    We see such huge numbers and it is sad, and overwhelming. But, not everyone is still sick.
    Kudos to those Wyoming counties providing that information.

    How many ACTIVE cases are out there, state by state? Just let us see those numbers. Why isn’t that accessible? Hmmm. Is it not in the best financial interest of states to provide this information? (I hope that is not the case.)
    If THIS basic real time ACTIVE CASES information is already out there on the net, or WHEN it is provided, will you please link it for us?
    ACTIVE. Not those proven recovered taken from the total confirmed, as we know that not everyone is keeping track of the proven recoveries. ACTIVE, as in hospitalized plus those still needing time to self-quarantine.
    Thank You. (In spite of the caps to emphasize, this is respectfully submitted.)

  4. Dear Governor Gordon,
    Firstly, thanks for the extra hard work and efforts during these past few months.
    Secondly on a resent trip to Thermopolis to see family I saw an enormous amount of vehicles on the road from Texas, California, Florida, and Colorado. Don’t those states at the moment have the highest numbers of Covid 19! This is a touchy situation we are in these days, and offending others isn’t okay. So closing our boarders isn’t the answer. Why aren’t we as Wyomingites doing more to protect ourselves from others irresponsible behavior. Nobody is wearing a mask here in WYO. Get with it people and protect what we hold so dearly. Each other and our WYO freedoms is what I treasure.

  5. Mr. Gordon,
    I do hope a member of your staff monitors this page, as this is highly concerning to me! I as lifelong Wyoming resident, born and raised here #1 have a list of lovely businesses that have totally price gouged, and taken advantage of the current situation our beautiful state is in, heartless, taking much needed money, upon false pretenses mostly, but that list will be out soon enough! #2 today while at our local Goodwill as I’m chatting with all the amazing ladies that work there, I hear the customer checking out at the register tell the cashier she just moved to Wyoming from Florida because our coronavirus numbers were so low! I was told by the employees that she was the 5th person TODAY that had been in, that had just relocated to Wyoming from another state because of our coronavirus numbers! Now I’m hopeful our good ol winter weather will make those from the warmer states feel right at home in all her negative glory, as they’re used to their lows being 40 degrees for days and we are lucky to see zero for days! Our numbers will NOT stay low if these people are bringing it in to us here in Wyoming! Like do each of these families think they’re the only ones with this grand idea to move here?! Oh AND they need to be required if they stay, to learn how to drive! Right hand lane for slow traffic, left hand lane for passing! Yes we are aware that it’s snowing and the sun is shining, and there is a slight 40 MPH breeze out there, get out of our way we are from here and have places to be! I’m not crazy about tourists in our state, but the bison seem to be taking care of them little by little, and I understand the need for revenue! But states CLOSED, something needs to be done about relocating here! Our jobs are on shaky ground as is, oil industry is down, no jobs means lower income, lower incomes mean higher crime rates! Welcome to Wyoming, please consider everyone armed, and no we don’t give a shit if that offends you!

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