Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers Mailing Address, Phone Number, Office Address, Email Address, Contact Details and More

Wisconsin State Capitol

Wisconsin Governor Mailing Address, Phone Number, Office Address, Email Address, Contact Details and More details given here. The current Governor of Wisconsin is Tony Evers who was elected as the Governor in 2019. Wisconsin Governor election was held in 2019 and won by Tony Evers. It was an important election in Wisconsin state.

However, it’s a smaller state compared to other large states in US, such as California, Texas, New York, in terms of population. If you want to visit Wisconsin for holidays, then please buy Wisconsin tour packages and book cheap Wisconsin holiday package online in advance. In this article, we have provided contact details of Wisconsin Governor, such as email address, office contact number, mailing address, postal address, and more. So, let’s see!

Wisconsin State Capitol
Wisconsin State Capitol

Mailing Address, and Capitol Address

If you are looking for Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers office address and mailing address, please write to 115 E Capitol # 1, Madison, WI 53702, USA.

Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers residence address or house address is Wisconsin Governor’s Mansion, 99 Cambridge Rd, Madison, WI 53704, USA.

Contact Details, such as Telephone Number, Email Address, Official Site, and More

If you want to talk to Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers, kindly make a call on 608-266-1212. Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers office fax number is 651-797-1850. You can also make a call on Wisconsin Governor toll free number is 1-800-362-9472 (266-9960 in Madison).

Looking for Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers email address, please use govgeneral@wisconsin.gov. An official website of Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers is https://walker.wi.gov/.

Social Media Presence

You can also get in touch with Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers via verified social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. You can directly send a message and comment on verified social media accounts of Wisconsin Governor.

Fast Facts about Tony Evers 

You can find some quick details about Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers at this right place.

  • Wife Name: Kathy Evers
  • Residence: Wisconsin Governor’s Mansion, Maple Bluff, Wisconsin, United States
  • Education: University of Wisconsin-Madison (1986), MORE
  • Birth Date: 5 November 1951 (age 68 years), Plymouth, Wisconsin, United States
  • Political Party: Democratic Party
  • Office: Governor of Wisconsin since 2019

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Article last re-published on July 13, 2020.

3 thoughts on “Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers Mailing Address, Phone Number, Office Address, Email Address, Contact Details and More

  1. “SAFE AT HOME” is not working. The governor NEEDS to become tough and make it a mandatory “STAY at home” requirement. If it is presented as “do it for America” we will start staying at home. Right now safe at home makes us say, how afraid are we for ourselves? We need to look at this two-fold – yes, ourselves, but more others. We are all in this together – make that clear to every Wisconsinite.

    1. Hello,
      You are so right the people in Wi are NOT following all the rules anywhere and it puts EVERYONE in danger even themselves and their family and their friends???
      I LIVE IN AN APT BUILDING THAT THE MANAGERS THE CORPORATE OFFICE IS ACTUALLY GETTN UPSET WITH (ME) Because: Im asking for MORE to be done the notes on the door are being ignored???
      They post and put notes on the doors of what the people can and cant do at this time BUT.. the Manager and Corporate Office is saying thats all they can do they cannot babysit people..?? Im NOT ASKING FOR A BABYSITTER??
      IM BRINGING TO THEIR ATTENTION NO ONE IS ABIDING BY THOSE RULES??? THEY NEED INDIVIDUAL NOTICES OF NO ONE IS TO USE ANY DOOR BUT THE FRONT DOOR, RING THE GET IN SECURITY DOOR BELL OF THAT PERSON ONLY, aAND THAT PERSON COME TO THE DOOR FOR WHAT IS ONLY TO BE ESSENTIAL NESSESSITES… But Places are (coming into) My Apt building delivering Flowers???? Visitors that are complaining that shouldnt be in here… Family letting family members in visiting? Last wk children? EVERYONE… and no one even wearing a mask:(
      BECAUSE: Thats how its spreading???
      Im at Bayside Senior Living in Oconto Wi… This place has extremely disobediet visitors, family’s, Friends!!!!? WITH NO RESPECT AT ALL. Who can I get to hear we need APTS IN WI MANAGERS TO BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE NOT WALK AWAY AFTER POSTING RULES BUT NO CONCERN OR RENFORCING THE RULES (EVERYWHERE)???FOR (EVERYONE)????

  2. Dear Governor Evers,

    I am concerned, as a landlord, about a proclaimation you made: You said, “Landlords do not have the right to evict their tenants for 2 months until May 30, 2020.” The contract lease both my tenant and I signed states that if I’m not paid my rent within 30 days my tenant is evicted. My tenant just contacted me, of course, that she won’t be paying her rent for April. I’m sure this will be May too. This is despite the fact that she even stated she had customers in April up until recently. What is suppose to happen June 1st? Do you have that all laid out? If so, we landlords need to know about it.

    If nothing, then we landlords are expected to just get left holding the empty bag, with which to pay our expenses so that our tenants may reside in our buildings rent free for 2 mos., I take it!? This is infuriating! How do we pay our taxes (which are always extremely high), insurance, utilities, garbage pick up, building maintenance, and for some payments to their banks for the buildings they are purchasing. Something is very unfair and certainly not right here!!!

    I think you really opened a can of worms by making this profound statement, which gets every person who rents off the hook for 2 months! Thanks to you, what laid-off small business tenant is going to pay rent, even if they have the money stashed away? Or, if they are working, why would they choose to give it to the landlord when they don’t have to? You have just disrespected landlords and annulled their personal leases with their tenants. This is very demeaning to landlords.

    And, again, what happens June 1? Is it just business as usual, leaving many landlords in big financial ruin/messes!? Who’s out to help the landlords? Maybe the landlord can’t pay the garbage man, the utilities, the bank, the plumber, and/or the insurance carrier, etc., for the people living in their buildings for 2 months free rent. Are you willing to reimburse these landlord’s lack of payments to these other deserving business people? Or do the landlord’s children not get fed?! To keep this going more welfare would surface, no doubt!

    We landlords need some answers and we need them now. And we request you are fair to both sides, which would have been best for you to have not gotten involved in this can of worms in the first place. You should have left business as usual to the people who run the businesses, landlords and tenants, to work things out on their own. Most of the time, government gets too big and too unnecessarily involved in people’s, what should be, personal financial affairs.

    And, in the end, if you don’t get this squared away in fairness to both parties, the ones to come out ahead with be the lawyers as they will necessitate being involved in many of these unresolved situations. I expect to hear from you promptly. Thank you. Respectfully, Charla Kusilek

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