Steve Sisolak Nevada Governor Email Address, Mailing Address, Phone Number and More

Nevada is an American state, which is located in Western part of the United States. It’s a popular destination for 24-hour casinos and entertainment. The Government of Nevada is headed by the Governor of Nevada who is elected by the people of the state. The Government seat is located in Carson City. However, Las Vegas is the main destination of the state of Nevada. Stephen F. Sisolak / Steve Sisolak is a current and 30th Governor of Nevada since January, 2019.

In this article, we have provided contact information on Nevada Governor, such as mailing address, phone number, contact number, Nevada state capitol address, and more. So, let’s see!

Nevada State Capitol
Nevada State Capitol

Nevada Governor Mailing Address, Capitol Address of the Governor of Nevada

If you want to send a letter to Steve Sisolak Nevada Governor, kindly write to his Mailing Address, which is State Capitol Building, 101 N. Carson Street, Carson City, NV 89701.

If you want to fix an appointment then please write to Mailing Address of Governor’s Appointments Carson City Office and it is State Capitol Building, 101 N. Carson Street, Carson City, NV 89701.

Steve Sisolak Nevada Governor Carson City Office Address is State Capitol Building, 101 N. Carson Street, Carson City, NV 89701.

Nevada Governor Carson City Office Contact Details

You can contact Steve Sisolak Nevada Governor via Carson City office address, which is Office of the Governor, State Capitol Building, 101 N. Carson Street, Carson City, NV 89701. Steve Sisolak Nevada Governor Carson City office phone number is (775) 684-5670 and fax number is (775) 684-5683.

Nevada Governor Las Vegas Office Contact Details

Steve Sisolak Nevada Governor Las Vegas Office Address is Grant Sawyer State Office Building, 555 East Washington Ave, Suite 5100, as Vegas, NV 89101.

You can contact Steve Sisolak Nevada Governor via make a call on Las Vegas Office Contact Number at (702) 486-2500. Steve Sisolak Nevada Governor Las Vegas Office Fax Number is (702) 486-2505.

Official Website and Email Address

Steve Sisolak Nevada Governor official website is https://stevesisolak.com/ and http://gov.nv.gov/. Steve Sisolak email address is not available with us.

Governor of Nevada Social Media Presence / Social Media Accounts and Pages

You can follow Steve Sisolak Nevada Governor on verified social meida accounts such as Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook.

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Article last re-published on July 6, 2020.

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  1. Mr Sisolak,
    My name is Michele Martinez. I am laid off do to the Covid-19 casino closing. I will be receiving unemployment of $274 and I applied for Snap and will receive $33 a month. My question is how can I feed my family on $33 a month? Can we have Nevada raise the pay for Snap like South Carolina and other states have done. Thank you for your time and thank you for a wonderful job you are doing to keep us safe.

  2. I live in the northern nv town and all of the employees of Cactus Pete’s are struggling to get our unemployment benefits. It is not recognizing our employer as a viable workplace. I’ve been there 20 plus years. We can’t seem to get thru with calling any numbers listed. Is there anyway to establish a contact number for the northern part of the state? I do not have a computer and filing on my phone is difficult. Please help.

  3. Mr. Sisolak,
    I work in the trade show and event industry. I have been employed in the same industry since 2006. In January of 2020 I went to work for a different company. I have been laid off due to lack of work in the industry and my current employer is willing to pay my unemployment benefits. However the website is telling me I haven’t hit my 16 weeks at my current company. Are you planning to have this requirement removed because of COVID-19? I can’t get through over the phone to the Unemployment office because of heavy call volume.

    1. Mr sisolak and I’ll see mr. Because midterm Governor you have to earn that term to be called governor Mistresses like my unemployment has been delayed for ten weeks now as of last week on Thursday they told me that it was in Pay status here to Sunday night by 5 again for another week of Pua informants and yet it still says in progress my family is in dire need of these funds they have already processed me and went through all the bull crap that they tried to say it was fraud and they found out it was not now it’s just sitting in limbo and paste that is so nobody has paid me and I’m wondering why I cannot wait another week as me and my wife both is already on our wedding rings and do you would never know what that feels like that’s go to the pawn shop in playing on your wedding ring that you said I do and your valves over just to feed your family know this is this is b******* and you need to fix the problem you know who I am cuz I bet you several emails at several phone messages so please fix this problem for me thank you will see if you are into turn Governor or not you grossly let the people of Nevada down thoroughly

  4. GOVERNOR PLEASE SHUT DOWN ALL OF NEVADA!! You should see the roads & stores in Las Vegas…they are packed! People ARE NOT following the social distancing guidelines whatsoever. People are too uneducated and hard-headed here. PLEASE SHUT EVERYTHING DOWN AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE ASAP so we don’t become a hot spot!!!! You know Las Vegas is right on the brink of this…just look outside!

    1. Yes I agree with Amanda C above. I just tried calling your office number and it stated the mailbox is full. I was then directed to dial 0 to receive help and was told I am unable to do that. My complaint is Star Nursery at 8725 S. Eastern. Every day for the past 2-3 weeks when I drive by taking my dog to a park the parking lot there is packed – more packed than usual with no social distancing going on! This is careless and stupid. Please do something to enforce stricter social distance and limit the number of people in a business. People are not taking this serious!

      1. There’s Alot more important matters at hand than for the governor to regulate a nursery. People are starving and don’t have the privilege to take there dog to the park every day.

  5. Hello Gov. Sisolak
    I’m wondering if you will be extending the closures of non essential businesses until the end of April as stated by the new CDC guidelines? As well as I have been trying relentlessly to get ahold of the unemployment office in order to apply for benefits as I’m sure you are aware it is near impossible to talk to anyone. I would love to see this issue be addressed so I and others can receive benefits in order to provide for our families.
    Thank you

  6. I work f on the governor’s election campaign, voted for him and believed in him. Now I am having second thoughts because of how is is handling the virus emergency. I would just like to know how many Nevada residents must die before he does more testing and orders a state wide stay at home order? Are we waiting for the worst to happen like Trump????

  7. I thought the Governor ordered all non essential businesses closed due to Coronavirus. Bass Pro ignored the order and opened their doors anyway! Metro (police) had to force the closure. They told all employees to remain on the property. The manager said
    “This isn’t over yet “ The company has started curb side pickup. Keeping employees exposed to the Virus! The employees can’t get unemployment benefits because Bass pro is not closed. This business cares more for a dollar, than it does for the people who work there and the people of Las Vegas!! Please make them close for a while by refusing to shop there and protect you and their employees

    Gary H

  8. Governor Sisolak. Please enack the stay at home order. I have no idea why you have not. We are among the very few (mostly red) states that have not enacted a stay at home order. I live in northern Nevada, and looking at the stats for medical equipemtn, beds, respirators… ,it seems we do not have enough, when our curve reaches the peak in our state. I live in Carson City. News is still reporting that we only have 5 cases, for 5 or 6 days now. This is not true. They are not testing. Read the letter posted by Amy on Carson Now, that she and her husband are both home with it. It’s been diagnosed, but not confirmed with a test, because they would not give them the test. People deserve the truth. Thanks for anything you can do to further protect a 73 year old, immune compromised woman.

  9. My husband works for Ccsd. He works in grounds taking care of the schools. The have now classified his job as essential. He is over 60 with underlining health conditions. I an immune compromised. Is the grounds at ccsd more important then our health.

  10. It is time for us to rid the political class of idiots like this governor. Why not leave medical decisions in the hands of doctors instead of empty-headed, know-nothing politicians, like this jackass. I have been a health care physician for over thirty years. I see the corrupt politicians taking money from Big Pharma in exchange for influence and decisions that big Pharma wants, not doctors. You are a know-nothing idiot and your decision to prohibit the sale of a drug that saves lives ( hydroxychloroquine) is a decision you should have no say in whatsoever. Who the Hell do you think you are? Leave medical decisions in the hands of those in the know, not damn beurocrats.

  11. Why has Elko County determined that housekeepers are needed and those employees are being forced into situations that they should not be in?? People can clean their own homes as they are home anyway!

  12. Governor,

    Nevada unemployment is a joke — I own a recruiting business and my recruiters are contract self employed. They filled for unemployment this week and the system (once they could get through) came back and told them they are ineligible. I owe my employees commission but my clients(some who are giant casinos within the state) have not paid me — I have friends who are gig musicians who are wondering how they are going to eat let alone pay their rent, car, insurance etc… My daughter works at the Wynn and was one of the first in the state to be laid off and she filed for unemployment immediately and hasnt seen a thing yet — is anyone in the state getting unemployment — you have to fix this before people are hungry on the streets!

  13. I am not understanding how did you become our Governor we need a Stay at order to be done on the state of Nevada we have Non Essential business still open people working in warehouses without mask on are getting sick these jobs or killing people not following the order how many more of the Nevada Citizen have to die before you force the order to stay home close these business down for two weeks let try to stop the moving around and Nevada i have a husband working for Bodybuilding.com warehouse out here Nevada and family working for Amazon that is running around with people coughing at work and being sick but still coming to work cause they don’t want to lose there jobs you are endangering people families out here and you don’t care be our Governor that we voted for making me second guess that decision on voting you in the seat you can even due a shut down stay home order mandatory order on our state we need body counts are going up how many more people need to die before you enforce the order give us a stay at home order child care workers and kids are bring that home cause they don’t know these babies are infected with the virus you are not for the state of Nevada you are four yourself you are selfish an helping kill us off instead of just doing the damn order for these company’s to shut down for two weeks and keep everyone and the house. MANDATORY SHUT DOWN FOR NEVADA. NONE OF THESE WAREHOUSES JOBS BEING OPEN NON ESSENTIAL BUSINESSES STILL OPEN DAYCARE STILL OPEN NON ESSENTIAL BUSINESS STILL OPEN KILLING US SLOWLY. can’t wait to vote again you are out we need a real governor that cares about our health.

  14. Hello Gov. Sisolak’s,
    My name is Trina French
    I have been illegally removed by the police and our land lord. Me and my husband have been at Sterling Gardens since 01 /27/2020 and I talked to him and he said it didn’t matter because we have only been there for 10 days this guy is a lier I have every receipt from the first day . He said we could only stayed there 28 days but we have to pay him and go two blocks down the road and stay at his other hotel we pay for it at Sterling gardens and get the other key from Sterling gardens he is still getting the money so we are residence. I had to pay my rent for 04/02/2020 and he said he wanted us to leave for no good reason so the officers watched us pack our things as I was crying because I don’t want to get sick they didn’t care. We did what they said and as we were leaving they gave us a trespassing ticket for desterbance we are very quiet and never caused any problems. On 04/01/2020 I was walking back from the store I seen the house keeper on her bikeI said hi she said f u bitch I didn’t know what she was talking about I went to the office and told the manager what happened he said he would take care of it she said she was going to kill me. I don’t understand what we did so wrong. No one will help me no one. I’m so scared. Please help me take care of this situation
    Thank you Trina French

  15. Hello,

    I would like to know how to reach the governor here in NV. March 15th made a year of my family and I living here in Las Vegas and I really need help. I been working in the medical field since 1997 and I would love to have the opportunity to fast track nurse courses and get deeper into the nursing field and help out. Is there anyone who can assist me? Is there a way the governor can help me? I have taken here in NV the medication technician class when I first moved here. I started off working as a Medication Technician, then was added both Med. Tech / Caregiver after hiring and just this past October 2019, I been promoted to Memory Care Support Specialist. I love the world of medication and helping people who are unable to help or assist themselves. I have worked with children and adults starting from new born to over a hundred years old. I worked in social services in IL working with people with intellectual disabilities before moving to NV. I can help and I want to help. I also love learning and I want to be apart of making help the United States. Please help me! I can be reached at . Thank you.

  16. Hello, this is in regards to the stay at home order you passed in March and about the statement you said in an email that stated and I quote “due to the covid-19 public health crisis, Nevada residents are facing restricted travel and should not be penalized for going the right thing and staying home” well the court system here in lovelock doesn’t feel that way. Given i have a family of 4 three kids and my wife is pregnant at the moment and them and myself are just trying to abide by this order and stay safe and healthy. So if you could please bless me and my family with some kind of solution to our dilemma it would be greatly appercited thank you and god bless


  18. Will you reinforce closing the parks they are loaded with children the virus is never going to end if they don’t stay home thank you

  19. Sisolak is refusing to allow our physicians to prescribe the cure: Hydroxy Chloroquine from their offices. He is forcing people to become so ill they need to be hospitalized before they can receive the cure. He claims Hydroxy has not been tested through normal protocols. Nothing has: this is a new virus. He also claims that he’s worried about the supply. Hydroxy is a 70 year old anti-malarial drug that costs pennies to produce. Maybe, he’s more worried that “big pharma” can’t make any money on the drug because they can’t patent it? Sisolak is prolonging the crisis!
    The cure:

  20. I have tried and tried since 3/9/20 to reach the unemployment department to no avail. I cannot file for unemployment on line because the system state their is an issue with my account. I continue to call these three number as directed, 702 486-0350, 775-684-0350, 888 890-821. The answer is the same although I call every hour on the hour. How can I contact the department to address the issue they state about my account?

  21. April 8, 2020
    Dear Governor:
    How can you even sight the number of people infected when so few people have even been tested. We actually do not know how many people had this virus and recovered. We certainly do not know how many people have this virus and are at home or working. We do not have the proper equipment to be used once and thrown away. I am thankful you have obtained more but is it enough? How dare CDC and WHO change guide lines and say put N95 in paper bag reuse one mask per shift( surgical mask only). This is not what I was taught ! My family and I are practicing social isolation, wearing face cover and gloves sanitizing and trying to comply. My daughter is a hospital employee and I fear for her safety 24/7.

  22. April, 19 2020
    Dear Governor,

    Your Easter Press Release was Powerful. I am so Thankful that during this time of uncertainty that you are not afraid to show your Faith. You are a strong, diplomatic leader and your Faith comes from a source higher than ourselves.

    Thank You for sharing your heart and making your decisions based on the power of God and not on politics. Your doing an incredible job during this gut wrenching time and your responsibility and commitment as Governor does not go unnoticed, even though the process does not go as fast and smoothly as you would like.

    Hopefully, when all is said and done we will be a more thoughtful and kinder society.

    I sent a version of this that was posted to Letters to the Editor on Saturday and another to be posted on Carsonnow.org, as well as my FB page.

    God Bless You,
    Doreen Mack
    Lofty Expressions

  23. Dear Governor Sisolak,
    I’m writing to thank you for standing strong for Nevada. It is not easy to tell people they can not go back to work knowing that they want to and need to work. You have made a difficult decision that will keep many, many people alive.
    Thank you for doing the Right Thing. We have to get it right the first time!

  24. Congratulations I have Called 775 684 0427 over 500 times and still have not gotten through! I tried to file on line and receive an error code of 202033330504 which can not be reset. This is incomprehensible. Let’s Get This Sh-t straightened out.

  25. Mr. Governor,
    Today I received a msg within the PAU employnv.gov site. It went in to say that I was disqualified from benefits. The following are the reasons I was given:
    A. Was not able to authenticate my identity. That was sent to PAU on 25 Aug 2020
    B. Claim was filed outside the USA. and
    C. Claim was identified as being associated with suspicious activity to PAU claim filing….what does that even mean?!
    I dont know what more to do and I sure dont know where to turn. Is this some kind of sick joke?! Is this their way of not paying on claims?! Please help me and Im sure hundreds more get my benefits BEFORE they turn off my utilities. We didnt ask for any of this so why are we getting treated to bad? For the past 3 weeks I have been calling PAU every other day so if there was in fact some problem on my claim why then hasnt anyone said so until now when, times up on their end, they should be paying it!! Please dont let them get away with this its just disgraceful! I feel like a JG wentworth commercial because I NEED IT NOW!!

  26. Dear Governor, I as so many are concerned with the rising cases in Nevada. Very worried about the test positive rate now at 50%! This can only get worse with no action from you. When do you decide to take action and what would those actions be?

  27. Dear Governor My claim effective date on the Employ NV Portal was 212 days ago, March 29, 2020. I still have not received any payments! The status of my claim keeps changing for no reason. After waiting on the phone for 3 hours (4 hours the previous day to get no where) I was told my claim should be paid in 10 days. The next day the portal said NO Unresolved issues. When I logged back on 2 days later it had been changed to say YES there are unresolved issues. This situation is very disheartening. I worked at a career for 31 years where no mistakes were allowed (legal office) I just don’t understand how unfair and ineffective this process has been when people are in such need. My husband is terminally ill. I have lived and worked in Nevada for most of my life. I am now 54 years old, and am not getting any help from Nevada for unemployment relief. This situation is criminal.

  28. I live in Las Vegas and would like to know between you and the task force and the SNVHD answers to my questions. #1 How many people died from Covid 19 only. #2 How many people died from Covid 19 with underlining conditions. # 3 How many people that died in car accidents, homicides, suicides, people hit by cars were tested after they had died. #4 How many people tested had a slight infection of Covid 19. #5How many people in nursing homes already sick with any underlining conditions died from Covid 19. #6 How many people died only from Heart attacks, cancer, strokes brain related but put on the Covid 19 list. Just trying to understand why the death rate keeps seeming to go up. Hope I can get answers to my questions if you have the time to answer them. thank you for your time.

    1. The cry of a trumper-rumper! Why don’t you Go to a hospital COVID unit and take a deep breath because it’s not for real. People like you have to see it with your own eyes to believe it! You don’t wear a mask do you?

  29. Hello Governor, question: I was adopted and just found Four family embers. If I have them, my family, my wife’s family and close friends for Thanksgiving Dinner how will you know. Will you send Metro, have a drone in the air to see whom is here. How many people will you have at your house. Should we have a drone watching you.
    Your home free like all your left wing Governors, And Biden And Harris. You all can do, what you want and make the people that pay all your salaries bow down to the crap you say. I sent an earlier message to you and still want some answers. You act like a king to some of the people, actually your a Dictator. Its all over Talk radio here in Las Vegas. To bad we have a Governor that is so far to left. Thanks for the mail in Ballot. A lot of good that did so Sleepy Joe would win. Thanks for putting Nevada on the Fraud list. Must make you happy, God I hope you don’t run for a second term. Did not vote for you then, sure won’t the next time.

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