Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer Mailing Address, Email ID, Phone Number, Office Address and More

Michigan Governor Mailing Address, Email ID, Phone Number, Office Address and More details given here. Lansing is the capital of Michigan state. The Government of Michigan is headed by the Governor of Michigan who is also the executive head of the government. If you want to visit Michigan for holidays with family, friends and loved ones, then please buy Michigan tour packages online in advance at affordable rates.

In this article, we have provided Michigan Governor contact information, such as email ID, phone number, office address, mailing address, appointment phone number, mailing address, and more. So, let’s see!

Michigan State Capitol
Michigan State Capitol

Mailing Address, Capitol Address 

Michigan Governor Mailing Address is P.O. Box 30013 Lansing, Michigan 48909 and Washington D.C. Office Address is 444 N. Capitol Street, Northwest, Hall of the States, Suite 411, Washington, D.C. 20001.

You can also contact Michigan Governor via Northern Michigan Office Address and it is 234 West Baraga Avenue Marquette, MI 49855.

Michigan Governor residence address or mansion address is Michigan Governor’s Mansion, 2520 Oxford Rd, Lansing, MI 48911, USA. Michigan Governor’s Mansion in Lansing, MI Address is Michigan Governor’s Mansion, 2520 Oxford Rd, Lansing, MI 48911, USA.

Contact Details, such as Phone Number, Contact Number, Official Site

If you want to contact Michigan Governor via phone, then please make a call on her office contact number at 517-373-3400. Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer office fax number is 517-335-6863.

If you are seeking for Constituent Services Helpline Number, kindly call on 517-335-7858. Michigan Governor Office Email Address is migov@exec.state.mi.us.

Michigan Governor’s Northern Michigan office contact number or phone number is 906-228-2850 and Washington D.C. office contact number is 202-624-5840.

You can visit an official website of Michigan Governor at https://www.michigan.gov/ for more details.

Social Media Accounts and Pages

You can also get in touch with via Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s official and verified social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter.

Quick Details About Michigan 

In this section, you can find some quick information about Michigan. So, let’s read.

  • Capital: Lansing
  • Website: www.michigan.gov
  • Abbreviation: MI
  • Governor: Gretchen Whitmer (D)
  • Lieutenant Governor: Garlin Gilchrist (D)
  • Minimum wage: 9.45 USD per hour (29 Mar 2019)

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Article last re-published on July 16, 2020.

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  1. dear governor Whitmer
    3 things
    1) is their anything you can do about dentist i have a tooth that needs to be pulled and every dentist i called raised there price 10 fold i am on disability i can not afford to pay 700.00$ to have it done that is outrages?
    2) i like to play golf and i golf alone for the fun of playing and for exercise will you open golf courses under that rule?
    3) is there any way that those stupid people from Michigan not be a load back into our great state if they want to go to florida let them aholes stay there and not bring any more of the covd 19 come into are state. we had a doctor who decided it was more important to go sking Colorodo and brought it here to mid Michigan.


  2. dear gov Witmer
    I am self employed and understand I can now collect unemployment
    Based on your last notice I got from unemployment and you more info on
    how to file and forms would be out soon I have not received any other info
    Please send me a link to the site
    Appreciate all you are doing for the great State of Michigan
    Thank you
    I look forward hearing from you

  3. I’ve heard that some school districts are sending meals to students via the normal bus routes. Why not also have the teachers include regular assignments to be dropped off one day and picked up the next day when the bus driver delivers the lunches.??

  4. Governor,

    Is it possible to stop some companies in Michigan from monopolizing commercial services ? These companies are charging exorbitant amounts for selling their services. I thought in democracy companies are allowed to compete so citizens can get reasonable prices for services.

  5. Governor Whitmer,
    Your a socialist women that Can’ Understand Normal Thinking!! You literate enough to figure that out??
    Totally Disrespectfull!!!!

  6. need to made ajustment to the stay ay home order so yhat company yhay supply medical suppkies for diabetic,respiratory,and wound supplies can still operate

  7. Dear Governor Whitmer:
    I have a request for our greenhouse businesses in Michigan. They are all in danger of losing their businesses because of the Covid-19 restrictions. I watched your Town Hall and realize that all non-essential businesses need to adhere to the rules for everyone’s safety.
    However, would it be possible, with strict precautions, to allow greenhouses to take phone orders, pay with a credit card, fill the order and deliver it to the back of our pick up truck or SUV, just like food orders? It would be a way to save some of these businesses and their employees and give all of us who are looking forward to gardening to survive this dreadful catastrophe a little easier.
    I realize greenhouses are not deemed essential – but to some people it may be if they are looking to buy vegetable plants for their gardens. Many families grow and preserve their own food. I know that may seem like a stretch, but I also believe that people who do yard work, plant flowers and plants will get more exercise, fresh air and improved mental health.
    Please consider a program for the greenhouse industry to be able to sell their plants by this phone in-pick up delivery method.
    Thank you

    1. Bravo! You are so right on…Gardening is the one healthy outdoor thing we can do as a family and teach our kids to grow their own food etc. To me growing our own food is “essential”. I went to buy seeds today and the garden center was boarded up. Yet, not one single cashier in the grocery area was wearing a mask or gloves and they come into close (i.e. less than 6 ft) contact with customers all day long; and most of the customers were not wearing masks either.
      Also lawn service people never come into contact with people. I pay mine online and never even see him. This is totally not logical.
      Instead, require all customers who enter stores and all workers servicing stores to wear masks and gloves… this would make more sense than to shut down more of the economy.

  8. Are you running for Vice President or are you governor of Michigan? The people of Michigan who you represent are hurting. While you are trashing the president and running your political race for vice president we are without jobs. Our business’s have been shut down. Our citizens are dying. Instead of working to fix the damn unemployment system you keep promising there is help out there for the unemployed. Yet you can’t deliver. No one can get through to file. If there are questions there is no one to answer them because the system is on overload! Your fix to business’s that have had to shut down it to take out loans. I don’t want to borrow money to keep my airbnb going, I want my business open. The business I worked hard to obtain and grow! When it comes to Corvid-19, all you can do is trade barbs with the President. How is that helping the people of Michigan? Get off your butt if you don’t have what we need and make some phone calls! Stop threatening to press charges on the Doctors who are risking their lives if they use drugs that may help stop this horrible virus. You are not God! You, Not Donald Trump are the governor of this State. Grow up and do your job! You were not prepared for this pandemic anymore than anyone else. No one could have possibly been prepared for this as we have never gone through something like this before. Stop whining and pointing fingers and get to work! The people of Michigan are hurting! Please figure out a way to open the greenhouses so they don’t loose their season. Figure it out. No they aren’t essential in your eyes but they have a product that will not survive your shut down of their businesses. At the end of the day people will remember how you performed during this crisis. How much they lost. You wanted this job now do it!

  9. Dear Governor Whitmer and Administration,
    Hello, first let me begin by saying thank you for all you are doing during these fast paced difficult and challenging time’s amid covid-19. I appreciate that you issued this stay home stay safe order for the State Of Michigan, yes traffic has slowed some. However the way this order was worded leaves way to many loop holes and every business feels their business is Essential. Things that are essential to life, Dentist, clinics, Farming, Green houses and the likes are closed, When you have Dollar stores, Gas stations, and many retailers selling food, drink and snack items. We have Pharmacies, Restaurants, Gas stations, Banks and Auto Parts stores nearly on every corner of our Ypsilanti City in Washtenaw County And many more businesses in between the corners that are OPEN.. My point is yes while State, City and Government offices are closed as are Public and Private schools, libraries and other major businesses and some small businesses like hair salons, Tattoo parlors and others. This order is not enough while our husband’s Wives, mom’s and dad’s are going to work possibly being exposed and carrying this virus back to their whole family. We can stay in our homes isolated and We are still at risk. I fully understand that businesses and people Globally have been financially crushed my job in hospitality as well and it is making people uneasy and worried about providing for their families. I know it will be a struggle and take time but the economy can be fixed. This virus is spreading like wild fire and it’s going to get worse before better. You said businesses can’t force workers to leave their homes and come to work, yet if the businesses are open and operating the employees are expected to report or lose their job, this is peoples livelihood. Many of these businesses are following their OWN set og guideline and know they have sick employees or family members of employees and still require them to report to work these are extremely dangerous practices, So someone can go into Advance or O’ reilly to buy carwash or wax. A member of the local health department was in Autozone purchasing a Battery for their Motorcycle during this pandemic. You had time to go on a late night tv show and wear a shit that say’s that Michigan Woman and also was on the View, but can’t have an in person meeting with officials about extending these orders for Michigan residents. Why are these businesses considered so essential to sustain Life?? When Auto dealers and most repair shops are closed?? The number of cases and deaths are rising daily and according to reports it has not reached it’s peak. You said you need test and data and citizens are being told don’t get tested unless you have certain symptoms due to over crowded hospitals and lack of test and medical supplies. Why are professionals that have No symptoms and some no contact with exposure being tested? The virus is now affecting all ages, young children included and many people are dying, alone and isolated. When the economy rebounds people can get new jobs not saying it will be easy for any business or person. People’s lives can not be given back and so many are not taking this seriously. Clearly some Officials as well are setting bad examples in following the order to stay home. This is not an extended vacation off work for people to go out shopping for patio furniture, and other non essential items. I have two granddaughter’s with pre-existing conditions and my husband also. I realize you make decisions collectively with a team so I ask that you act as swiftly as this virus is spreading to enforce this Order and get ahead of the peak. I know many Businesses are Essential We do not need over 500 plus of the same type business open in every City in each County or on each corner at this time putting so many at risk when so little is still known about how it’s spread, its incubation, if people can simply carry the virus with no symptoms. I am not a Doctor, Scientist or in the medical profession at all I have heard many talks of experimental treatments and medications being tried. Many patients have been diagnosed with pneumonia before positive for covid-19, Have the experts thought to try Pneumonia vaccine combined with other medications? I am just one citizen and my opinion or view point doesn’t change much, I do Thank you again for hearing my voice. Hoping everyone is safe and our lives return to normal soon, stay safe!

    1. I would like to know why on earth lawn care service cannot be done by the small contractors in Michigan. Most of the time it’s just one person cutting grass outside and they don’t come in contact with anyone, just crazy to put those guys out of business!
      So now I am forced to purchase our own machine and put my contactor out of business !

    2. Governor Whitmer. I think it is absolutely ridiculous that you are having people stopped by the police, to see if they are headed to non- essential places? Who died and made you God? The people of Michigan have been pretty good in obeying the orders so far ….. but for you to double down on people reminds me of Nazi Germany….you are stopped by law enforcement and asked to see proof you work somewhere, or if your business is deemed essential! I can see exactly what you are doing…..little by little our rights are being taken away, NEVER to be given back again Using this pandemic as an excuse. i dont believe the numbers are real! Yes i believe the virus is real, i believe it was a biological warfare plan! Wake up people our freedom to fly like we used to before 911 has been forever taken away since 911! The plan here is to keep us locked down until after the election because the Dems want to push mail in ballots so they can try to steal the election! I have been locked down in my home since February 17th. I’m looking Forward to getting out and enjoying my life again May 1! People the Dems want the economy to crash…..why? so they can blame the President! I know it sounds ridiculous and petty, but it is TRUE,
      it’s all about regaining power in the White House at all Costs! Hopefully to try to cost the president the election. Governor Whitmer wanted to shut us in an additional 70 days past April 30! That would cause riots, civil unrest of all kinds suicide, etc. Don’t you see it? Read a book while you are locked in about how the Nazis infiltrated Germany with the premise that they were helping you and they knew what was better for you than you did, because they literally think we are all stupid and follow orders blindly like sheep!! Read Henry Kissinger’s the plan, ultimately the plan is communistic cashless society, that will implant us with a chip in our hand, or arm or forehead, doubt me read literature about Bill Gates and his foundation work on a vaccine? No im not crazy……i read a lot of stuff, not just from the internet….from books! Well thought out authors that have done a ton of research, check out Ted Gundersons book. If we dont stand up and protest to protect our rights who will stand up for us? The government has too much control now over our lives! Read about the china communist people laws……this is where we are headed! But not if we protest together and stand together to keep the freedom so many died for! Governor Whitmer If you dont ease up this lockdown, people are going to get really pissed off and come looking for you. That is in no way a threat, its just a logical prediction.

  10. Why in the world are you talking June 1 before we can begin to live? If it is necessary to add on to the April deadline do it just before the the end of April. By then there could be cures, vaccines and/or the the numbers could be extremely low. You are KILLING
    our State economically and mentally! We are social creatures and our God has destined us to work and take care of our families. Yes this is a pandemic but so is SOCIALISM and people relying on Government aid to survive!

    Between abortions, drug overdose and suicide there are more deaths than this virus!! That is an equal issue and closing the State for another month will only cause an increase in all three methods of death!

    Some of the places that are shut down are landscape companies and lawn maintenance.. Really? What are you thinking lawns that look like fields.

    No one likes the thought of 60 more days!

    Please use COMMON sense. We are made to work!

  11. You continually give praise to all the front line workers in our state, which is great, but there are others. One of those groups is the Hotel industry workers who are not mentioned and who have to deal with different questionable people every day, and then have to clean up after them with not much protection.

  12. Dear Governor Whitmer,
    Please consider opening up landscaping services necessary to many people and municipalities and which can be performed with precautions. Also under federal guidelines such work is considered essential.
    And nurseries and their products will help us plant our gardens. Consider them very essential!
    Thank you for your consideration. I know you will agree.

  13. Dear Governor,
    I must say kudos to you and the Federal government! Nice test run !
    Now you know how easy it would be to completely take away all of the citizens rights.

  14. Governor Whitmer clearly does not understand that Michigan is not defined by Detroit metro area. Close down the hot spot, let reasonable people do business in the rest of the state. California is doing it with great results. We live in farming area. People have vegetable gardens to grow food for canning and freezing. For some it is subsistence. For others it is to get outside and exercise. To rob them of the right to buy bedding plants is cruel if not illegal. I have not heard of any customer contracting covid at a large store, I shopped at Meijer today and found it to be clean and protective distances being maintained. It is a blessing to be able to get all items needed for my home at one stop. To say that you can close down stores as “non-essential” because one can order online is totally wrong. You might be shocked to discover the number of people who do not have the three things necessary for online shopping: computer, internet service, credit card. You are listening to the wrong people.

  15. Dear Governor,
    Nice trial run! Look how easy it was for both State and Federal Governments to control the entire population!

  16. Dear Governor Whitmer,
    Please consider the lack of supplies and ventilators at the St. John Main hospital on Morros. Nurses only have one mask per week. No available ventilators. they are doing their best with CPAP machines. Where are all of your supplies going?

  17. Dear Governor Whitmer,
    Now I want to urge you to end the lock down effective 5/1/20. We’ve quarantined for long enough and the urgency is no longer there. We have been scared into shutting down our economy!

  18. Dear Governor, how are older persons with health problems able to cut their grass when they have not had a lawnmower in years. Also walking a golf course is the same as walking in the park or neighborhood, how many balls are near each other off the tee few if any. Please reconsider some of your restriction , thank you. I can be reached at home

  19. Dear Governor Whitmer, Please consider the elder people with health problems that have not a lawnmower in several years. Also golf course, walking the course is no different then walking the park or your neighborhood, not many golfer if any hit the ball near each other, thank you.

  20. Isn’t it time to stop making rash declarations that have no basis in common sense? We are MANDATED to be at home, nobody asked us. I get it-For now. But, now that we are there, why the hell would you then decide that gardening and painting in OUR OWN HOMES was not a worthy activity! My kids are grown, can’t travel to see grandkids. What are we supposed to do every day all day…why do you even give a shit what we are doing in our own homes! Open the greenhouses, the garden centers, the flooring departments etc. let us work on our homes. I can’t imagine that either of your parents had much to do with their own home repair, maintenance or beautification. You would understand where I am coming from. You really don’t to seem to get it. So, why don’t you officially throw your hat in the ring for VP and leave us the hell alone.

  21. No kidding…we get a $$ fine in our city if our lawn is not mowed!! and snow not removed on the sidewalks. and weeds growing everywhere… . where do you live governor… I bet someone is mowing your lawn… and I bet you never see them… just pay the bill right? This makes no sense when I can go into a Speedway and get a cup of coffee from a guy who is standing 3 ft away, not wearing a mask or gloves. If you want to get it right…every cashier, stocks food on the shelves, etc should be wearing masks and gloves. None of them are!!!! I’m terrified to even go into a grocery store! Don’t put small businesses out of business who basically have no face to face contact with customers

  22. Governor,
    I believed in you and voted for you. Now I am deeply disappointed in your decision to close fishing with motors and landcaping in the state. You went too far and lost my support along with all my friends. You will not go any farther in your political career. I will campain against you !!!

  23. Dear Governor,
    I feel you are tone deaf to Michigan’s economy and citizens. We need our economy to exist as much as we need to care for Covid 19 patients.

    We need you to allow businesses to open safely and soon. I believe we will continue to be careful.

    We need to allow doctors to practice medicine to save and heal those whose lives and health are at risk.

    Think about those who are suffering abuse at home and those who are considering suicide They are important, too.

    Take us off quarantine and let us take care of ourselves and others. We must be in a better situation than on 3/16/20.

  24. Dear Governor Whitmer: I’m sure you are getting all kinds of hate mail and calls. Be at ease this is not that. I approve of what you are trying to do to save lives. I understand that we have to sacrifice our “norm” to remain safe. Please continue to stay strong. I don’t think people fully understand the affects of this virus and why we have to do our part to save lives. I’m hoping you do not cave in to the pressures of re-opening our state too soon. I work part time in a very public place and am a first responder to first aid situations. I am not comfortable in doing that part of my job with the virus still lingering. In fact, I won’t. Hopefully, you can keep businesses that are very crowded closed until this virus is under control. You are doing great withstanding all the criticism from the government and public. I would not want to be in your shoes. Keep up the good work and stay safe and strong.

  25. Dear Governor,
    Please set our state free. Our schools, our sports, our festivals, events and our businesses. Let our parents decide what their children can safely do. Let our bars and restaurants open and run safely, We need to recover economically. WE NEED TO BE FREE!!!! Hospitals can handle anything which was the goal.

    Sincerely wanting you out of the way,

    Jerri Teelander

  26. Dear Governor,

    Best idea yet!! MASKING up children/athletes while exercising!

    Please stop being a dictator! We are smarter than you are!

    How ridiculous you are!

    Sincerely wanting you to back off,

    Jerri Teelander

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