Georgia Governor Brian Kemp Email Address, Mailing Address, Phone Number, Contact Details and More

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp Email Address, Mailing Address, Phone Number and More details given here. Atlanta is the capital of the state of Georgia. It is one of the most promising cities in the US. Brian Kemp is the 82rd and current Governor of Georgia who was elected in Georgia Governor election in 2019. He was elected by the people of Georgia among the Georgia Governor candidates.

In this article, we have provided contact information of Georgia Governor, such as mailing address, phone number, email address, office address, and more. So, let’s see!

Georgia State Capitol
Georgia State Capitol

Georgia Governor Mailing Address, Capitol Address

If you prefer to write a letter to Georgia Governor, please mail it to Georgia Governor Mailing Address at Office of the Governor, 206 Washington Street, 111 State Capitol, Atlanta, Georgia 30334. We are suggest you to please include your envelope as well as your return address with postal code.

If you would like to fix an appointment with Georgia Governor, please write to above mentioned mailing address.

Georgia Governor’s Mansion Address or residence address is Georgia Governor’s Mansion, Atlanta, GA 30305, USA and Georgia Governor office address is Office of the Governor, 206 Washington Street, 111 State Capitol, Atlanta, Georgia 30334.

Georgia Governor Contact Details, such as Contact Number, Email Address, Official Site, and More

In this section, you can get all possible contact details of Georgia Governor.

If you have a question, issue or concern regarding Georgia government, Please do not hesitate to contact Constituent Services or Georgia Governor office phone number at 404-656-1776.

Georgia Governor office fax number is 404-657-7332. If you want to email the Georgia Governor, kindly send an email to georgia.governor@gov.state.ga.us.

If you wish to call the Georgia Governor Brian Kemp, please use the given above office landline number. As an alternative, please visit the official website of Georgia Governor https://gov.georgia.gov.

Georgia Governor’s residence phone number and fax number are not available at this time. We will update it soon.

Social Media Presence

Now a days, social media account is the fastest way to reach Georgia Governor. He is active on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. These all are verified and official social media accounts of Georgia Governor.

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Article last re-published on July 17, 2020.

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  1. Why has the governor not placed a stay at home order for Georgia.People lives a lot more important than money.He needs to step up and protect the citizens.

  2. Your governor is either a moron or a damn liar.

    I heard what he said that he didn’t know the virus could be spread by a patient with no symptoms.

    My 12 year granddaughter knew that 2 months ago……

    your governor is a jerk……………

  3. Very Disappointed In Gov. Kemp!! He says he has been On top of this pandemic. That he is doing Everything possible. BS Governor! Maybe you need to take lessons from Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear who has been praised on national news for his aggressive actions in Kentucky to keep this pandemic under control.

    Your actions have been few and a little too late. As a Taxpayer in Georgia, Do The Job You Were Elected Todo! Get off your rear Sir!

  4. This guy is as ignorant as the WH guy. Does he not watch TV, read newspapers, or even listen to a radio? He must distance himself in a closet, not to know about how this virus spread’s. Either that, or he is a supporter of the WH guy only on delayed transmission. How stupid does he think his constituents are, to think he would not be challenged on such an ignorant reason not to help the people of his state?

  5. Governor Kemp, I voted for you!! I will not ever do that again. I think perhaps you have lost your mind. To reopen Georgia’s beaches is not an informed idea. Please rethink this decision and close them immediately. I live in Atlanta and I have a home on St. Simons. If you care about other people please shut down Georgia’s beaches now. You will be blamed, as well you should be, if more people get sick and maybe die from Coronavirus here in Georgia.

  6. I am so disappointed in your response to the coronavirus pandemic, especially your rolling back on your earlier guidelines. Our mayor, Van Johnson, Savannah, has been way ahead of the curve and now you have watered down the guidelines.

  7. We all are affected by this pandemic in some form or another, but are we really going to sit here and bad mouth an individual for the lack of performance for a job we “Think” he should be doing? But, why rely solely on the Government, are you as tax payers not able to take care of yourselves? Can’t you make a rational decision to keep you and your family safe during a crisis? Why must you all feel the need to follow another’s direction, and die waiting for an answer rather than take your life in to your own hands. I mean how long do you people have to stand in the rain, thinking it’s raining, feeling the rain before the news comes on tv that tells you it’s raining. Seriously people!! I’m Ga Raised… A true Georgian takes care of his own, not stands there Bitching waiting for handout, pointing fingers. Social Distancing..try that first.

  8. Brian Kemp you are an ignorant person. Your poor decisions not only jeopardize the well being of many other ignorant but people of young and old that abide by the recommendations of the CDC, WH officials, state officials about the spread and how to slow. Name-calling is not going to accomplish anything in this time of decisive order and participation of all fellow Georgians. Your leadership lacks knowledge, caring, and doing the right thing every time. As a father and elected official you just don’t care about people or the people of this state. When a child tells you he or she is not going to comply with a request you quickly share the consequences and there is the lesson learned. We are accountable but not with divide. DO YOUR JOB and LEAD! This would be a popular decision amongst the people of this state. Tell people to stay away from the beach, stay off their boats, do not go to the store for the heck of it because you dont want to break your routine. Stay the heck home read a book, watch a movie and put a darn mask on when you leave the home. We asked for 30 days, not 30 years. I assure you you will not have my vote ever for reelection.

  9. In Glynn County the commissioners voted to close the beaches and suspend short-term rentals. Along comes Gov. Kemp who overrules these precautionary and necessary measures who opens the beaches declares short-term rentals be resumed. If we ever needed effective and responsible leadership, now is the time. But what do we get: Brian Kemp and Donald Trump.

  10. I am writing to request assistance with another matter. My name is Rebecca Culliver. I am a heart and lung patient that have been restricted to my home since March 24. I have an Implant Cardiac Defibulator that keeps my heart beating. On March 6, my heart stopped 3 times. thank God my ICD fired. On March 24, I experienced another stop. I have a home heart monitor that sends my latitude report every other day to the heart clinic for my cardiologist to read On March 24, the monitor brgan trying to send a report but the monitor would say latitude suspended. It did that several times. The next day I began experience problems with the landline which my monitor is hooked through. Finally no dial tone, so we started calling AT&T which all we got was a recording that would send us to the tech line and it when go dead. On 2 April, my doc instructed me to call “611” which I finally got a person. Was able to sched appt for April 5 from 2-4pm, trouble ticket . As of 9:00pm April 5, Tech was a NO SHOW. I have not had a landline for 3 weeks and the landline is essential for my doc to receive a latitude report from my heart. Heart clinic immediately on March 25 sent monitor that hooked to ethernet which when out a few dates later due to a storm. Could you please assist me in getting AT&T to keep their obligations to keep the lines working. My cell is .

    1. I see you haven’t received a response on your posting, but did you get your issue resolved with AT&T? I do hope so.

  11. Kemp is totally incompetent. Anderson Cooper and Dr. Gupta were stunned by Kemp’s lack of knowledge. Anderson Cooper stated Kemp’s behavior, ” is criminal malpractice”. He appoints a United States Senator Loeffler who should be investigated for insider trading and stated on March 10th our economy was strong as we were headed for a cliff. Perdue also purchased stock in a pharmaceutical company after attending the same classified meeting on the virus.
    How embarrassing to have a governor that didn’t know that citizens without symptoms could spread the virus. If this wasn’t enough, he opens the beaches at Tybee. How long are we going to elect inept officials like Kemp and corrupt Senators? Wake up Georgia! We are electing sleaze.

    1. I guess I need to send my comment to a newspaper since you have to send my comment to a moderator??? Have you heard of Freedom of Speech?

  12. We are so disappointed in Brian Kemp’s decision to reopen the beaches in GA and agreeing to extend the short term rental properties in those areas. This has undone all the good and safety precautions for the shelter in place order. We understand we all should be responsible for our behaviors but we know there are individuals who do not care about others. We will not be voting for Brian Kemp again. Another reason is the Kelly Loeffler appointment. We all know inside trading is a federal crime. You should put GA residents above your self interests.

  13. Governor Kemp I have a idea that might help the world I just need to get it to someone that just might listen to it why don’t we spray some kind of disinfectant spray at night with crop duster and the mosquitoes spraying truck that all the city have to cut down on the spread of the virus

  14. Governor Kemp on 4/3/20 put in a order to stay at home and if found out could be fined. On 4/6/20 he is now saying all beaches need to open and if we don’t follow his order there will be a fine and prison time.

    My question is why the heck he can’t make up his mind to protect or not protect?
    My other question is can we the citizen people file a law suite against the Gov. for wanting to put our lives in danger and not protecting the people of Georgia?

  15. With everything that is going on with innocent people dying for NO REASON it seems like it’s TRUE that the Higher Power has known about this Virus for quite some time now and it was SWEPT under the Rug. It appears that $$$$ is more important than Saving Lives!!!! It’s Quite Pathetic and Disgraced to allow Beaches to still Operate that’s NOT Social Distancing It’s called Social Dying!!! Put a STOP TO IT once and for all until this Virus is put to it’s DEATH!!!! People also need to wake up and smell the coffee and STOP trying to get back out here in Public just to be Seen because it’s gotten Hot Outside and WAIT until this Mess is Serious Like UNDER CONTROL!!!! SOME REAL FACTS!!!!

  16. There’s others that are being OVERLOOKED as well there are also Loved Ones in the Prison and Jail Systems that are just as Vulnerable as the Elderly and the people with Underlying Conditions!! To the Higher Authorities are you LISTENING or even BOTHER TO CARE THIS IS SERIOUS PEOPLE ARE DYING DO YOU EVEN CARE what if it was your LOVED ONES????

  17. Just drove up to visit my daughter in Massachusetts. After the Mason Dixon line, Every business had A sign on their door, “No mask, no service.” Why is Georgia behind?

  18. I cannot even find an email address for him. COWARD! He and Dr. Toomey have shown they are clueless. Did she attend the “Acme School of Medicine?”
    The schools dictate everything else the students wear. Why are masks different?
    Restaurants require shoes and shirts for service due to public health ordinances. How are masks so different?
    I will remember how incompetent you have been during this crisis in 2 years when you will be up for election. I will remind those who may have forgotten.
    You are an ignorant fool.

  19. It is hard to govern effectively when Kemp’s lips are atta he’d to Trump’s ass.


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