Ron DeSantis Florida Governor Contact Information, Email Address, Phone Number

Florida Governor Contact Information, Email Address, Phone Number, and More details given here. Florida is one of the most progressive states in the United States. It is one of the fastest growing travel destinations too. It’s a beautiful state to live in the US. Many popular destinations are located in the state, such as Miami, Orlando, Tampa, Jacksonville, Key West, Miami Beach, Naples, Fort Myers, Daytona Beach, West Palm Beach, and more.

The Governor of Florida is the head of the executive branch of the state Government of Florida. The current Governor of Florida is Ron DeSantis who was elected in 2019 as the 46th Governor of Florida. He is a member of the Republican Party of Florida. So, let’s see contact details of Florida Governor i.e. Florida Governor Contact Information, Email Address, Telephone Number and More.

Florida Capitol Building
Florida Capitol Building

Florida Governor Contact Address

Looking for contact information about Ron DeSantis Florida Governor and his staff? Our portal provides all possible contact details of Ron DeSantis Florida Governor.

You can write Governor Ron DeSantis office of the Governor, State of Florida, The Capitol, 400 S. Monroe St., Tallahassee, FL 32399-0001. You may contact Florida Governor by mail at Governor’s Appointments Office, The Capitol Building, Lower Level, Suite LL-10, Tallahassee FL 32399-0001.

We strongly encourage you to mention your full name and address with postal code, when you write a letter to Florida Governor. Using this information, they will get back to you as soon as possible.

Florida Governor Contact Details

If you need to speak with Ron DeSantis Florida Governor, please make a call on Florida Governor office contact number at +1-850-488-7146.

Florida Governor’s Communications Office Contact Number is +1-850-717-9282 and Fax Number is +1-850-488-4042. For Media Inquiries, please email at media@eog.myflorida.com. Official Website of Florida Governor is https://www.flgov.com/.

Florida Governor’s Administration Office Contact Number is 850/717-9210 and Fax Number is 850/922-9002.

Florida Governor’s Appointments Office Phone Number is 850 / 717-9243 and Fax Number is 850 / 921-0733.

If you want to write your questions or concerns via email, please send it to appointments@eog.myflorida.com. Due to the large number of emails Florida Governor office receives, It may take some time to response to your request.

Florida Governor Cabinet Affairs Contact Number is 850 / 717-9239 and fax number is 850 / 488-9578.

Social Media Presence

At this time, there is an another way to contact Governor of Florida and it is a social media platform. You can directly stay in touch with Florida Governor through verified social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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About Florida Governor

The Governor of Florida is the head of the Government of Florida. He/She enjoys the high powers and executive powers to run the government.

Article last re-published on August 19, 2020.

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  1. As a part time Florida resident, owning a second home here since 2001, I am appalled at the way New Yorkers are referred to by this Governor and his spokespeople. We are now afraid to leave our community with the car with the NY plates as well as concerned about traveling back north safely to our NY home. We have paid 100s of thousands of dollars to the State of Florida and Pasco County in taxes and purchases. We are not certain if we leave Florida will we be able to return to our home here or will we be blocked at the border. I feel the Governor and others who have promoted New Yorkers as the problem owe the part time residents from NY a very sincere apology. If New Yorkers pulled out of Florida there would be millions of dollars in revenue losses and putting our safety at risk may cause many of us to have to do that.

  2. Hey, Ron Desantis….get your head out of your as*!!! What exactly are you waiting for??? The state of Florida is waiting for YOU TO DO YOUR JOB! Seriously…WTF?

  3. Urgent Please:

    Governor DeSantis:

    Please we urgently need your attention to address the urgent need to properly staff the unemployment offices. I have been trying to speak with someone for the last 10 days staring at 7:30 am all the way till 6 PM but I have not been able to get through or to speak with anyone. I also tried getting on line but that gets bounced back and I have not been able to complete my application. Please we are for the first time ever in a very difficult time and now that the stimulus package has been approved for persons that really need this assistance but because of this blunder and not having enough workers to handle this unemployment load the system has reached a very tight bottle neck and most people are not capable of processing the applications thereby not eligible to get the urgent assistance we need now. Please Governor the same way yu have put so much effort in getting all other services moving, without unemployment the system will come to a complete stop if people cannot get the checks they need to pay their bills.

    Appreciate your help in getting this resolved

  4. Governor Ron DeSantis:
    I beg of you to please put in place the most stringent possible rules during this pandemic. Please do as most other governors have done in closing down the whole state of Florida as much as possible by declaring a stay at home rule for everyone and closing down all unnecessary businesses. I know that people who are entering the state are encountering checkpoints, but is there any follow-through to make sure they are self-quarantining? The experts are saying that the cases are increasing exponentially and that Florida has been projected to have 7,000 deaths. If you don’t enact the strictest rules, you are responsible for those deaths. I know that you are a good family man. How can you operate in this lukewarm manner at such a time?

  5. Governor DeSantis, we have a group of avid golfers who have been very responsible avoiding any contact and executing Social Distancing for several weeks. We live in a gated community where no outsiders are allowed to play. We set up daily games using emails and usually play in foursomes with each player in a separate cart. All greens have their pins setup so the cups are inverted and extend about 4 inches above the ground. The ball is holed when it contacts the raised cup. The flag pole is never touched. At the conclusion of the round everyone goes home and emails the their results to the game organizer. The organizer then emails the final results to all the players. No one ever comes in contact with another player. Given all the precautions we take I would like to ask if you could release groups like ours from the
    “Stay-At-Home” order.
    Thanks for your consideration,
    Charles Polivka

  6. Would like to know how to contact someone in Hillsbourough county about a company not following the social distancing. i have been on phone 2 hours each giving me another number to call. Still have got no one. If we can’t turn people in this virus will never stop.

  7. Gov. DeSantis,

    I look forward to your daily COVID-19 news conference updates. I find them informative and factual. However, I’m not a “sign” reader and cannot hear reporters questions to you. I can only assume what questions have been asked by hoping you mention some key terminology in your response. Please have a microphones available for the news galley and insist they use them.

    1. I am a physician and a Clinical Professor of Medicine at 3 different medical schools. I have been a Florida resident for several years. I have been supportive of many of your positions and your efforts since your election. You have been well educated . Therefore it boggles my mind that a person of your intellect and educational background can support a pathological liar and science denier. I obviously am referring to our ” sexual predator in chief”. It is incomprehensible to me that you support his positions rather than those of Anthony Fauci . It is incomprehensible that you support Trump who refuses to wear a face mask and allows groups of people to meet together in prayer. How can you expect any caring, thinking person to support you and support you when it is time for your reelection. Trump called the coronavirus a Democratic hoax and did nothing for 3 months when he should have been preparing for this disaster. He also allowed the governmental organization to deal with impending medical or military disasters to be disbanded 1 or 2 years ago. It has been said that we get the government we deserve. We did not deserve this ” fuc*ing idiot” ( words of his first Secretary of State) nor your pandering to this idiot liar. It is time for you to take actions in words and deeds to protect those of us living in Florida!

  8. I am a Clinical Professor of Medicine at three different medical schools and a Florida resident for several years. I have been pleased and supportive of many of your efforts since your election. You are intelligent and well educated. Therefore it boggles my mind that you support positions of a pathological liar and science denier. It is beyond comprehension that you would support his positions rather than those of Fauci. How can you support Trump when he refuses to wear a face mask and allows groups of people to gather in prayer? Trump called the coronavirus a ” democratic hoax” and did nothing for three months when he should have been preparing for this disaster. He disbanded the governmental agency 1-2 years ago which deals with
    threats caused by infectious agents and/warfare. It has been said that people get the government they deserve. We did not deserve Trump who in the words of his first Secretary of State is a” fucking moron” It is time that you stop pandering to and defending this idiot and in your actions and deeds protect the people in Florida.

    1. Dr. Mitchel Jacobson is such a “F*cking Idiot” he has demonstrated a pathological inability to foster rational thought to the extent that anyone in authority at the medical schools where he teaches should immediately remove him from his teaching positions. Lunatics like him are exceptionally dangerous to our freedoms to the extent one should question if he is a commie? Dr. Fauci has been implicated in using our money through the CDC to in part fund the lab in Wahun where the Coronavirus started and we need a major top notch investigation of the traitors thst have brought this disease into our country to cripple our economy.

  9. RE: Coronavirus and migration from the east coast of Fl to the gulf coast
    Dear Governor DeSantis:
    I am making a request that you order the closure of all golf courses in the State of Florida. This is based on a local news story about golfers traveling from Ft. Lauderdale to Collier County to golf because the golf courses are closed on that side of the state. These are not spring breakers, these are adults who should know better. They are putting my community at risk and thumbing their collective noses at your stay at home order. I would like to quote Star Trek as “the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few”. I don’t think this group of entitled adults should jeopardize the health of others just because they are bored.

  10. Dear Governor. What upsets me the most about your updates is you have ordered a STAY AT HOME! Fine. But you have also ordered ALL CHURCHES TO OPEN AGAIN!!!! Sir, Are you out of your mind? Stay at home means STAY AT HOME! We who go to church, can go to church via computer or cell phone or a tablet. And even a TV. I like you and I even voted for you. But now, the peak is closing in as of the middle of the week after Easter and I who have issues of being high risk, can’t afford to be less than a foot in a church. I go to my local store to get food and what I do need and I am out of there and home. I have taken to myself to stay home and I thankfully am not sick with the virus. You are flip flopping and having all us wonder who the hell did we vote for? Do you go to church and sit with a lot of people? You even gave Pastor Rodney Howard-Brown a free pass when you ordered churches to re-open. To think that way, you are a fool! May you not get this virus.

    1. Governor DeSantis is 100% correct that churches have an absolute right and God given command to gather together. That right is not created by our constitution but is acknowledged by our constitution, and Emily McAlister and other evil accomplices are in effect committing criminal acts per 42 USC 1983 by engaging in a conspiracy to violate the God commanded and Constitutionally endorsed rights of Christians

  11. Gov. Ron DeSantis,

    I am a Pasco County Utility worker under the Pasco BOCC. I am 61 years old. We are considered Essential workers. I am fortunate that I have a job and feel for the ones who are out of work now. But my concern is the Social Distancing here.
    Everyone at Pasco is doing their part to keep at least a 6 foot distance, but when we drive to our work site,daily, we are not 6 feet in distance sitting in a county truck together. Or when a water pipe breaks and there are 2 men or more in the hole repairing it, there is not a 6 foot distance between workers. Also many of us do not have or cannot get access to face masks or hand sanitizers. I understand that there is a shortage on those items or cannot order them fast enough. But I just feel unsafe health wise to go into work everyday during this Pandemic unless there is an emergency situation that needs our services. We should be staying at home and then called out only in an emergency situation. Don,t you agree ?

  12. Schools…. Why can’t schools go in the summer to make up the lost April and possible May. Let them have a couple weeks before labor day and then begin the 20-21 school year after labor day. This will help them readjust and help parent returning to the work force. It also gets schools back on some what normal schedule. Of course they would be guidelines to follow. Temperatures taken at door every day. Maybe Teacher have mobile carts for their items and one teacher changes room not a whole class. Sanitizer at all doors, if change classes, wipe down desks and and chairs between classes.
    Thank you for considering the whole state and believing in people of Florida to do the right thing. We have flattened the curve and see light on the other side

  13. Please keep the schools closed for 20-21. The schools in our county are over crowded. Wiping doors and taking temps is not a teachers job. They don’t have the time to do that especially with the kids changing classes and going into crowded lunchrooms. I am also concerned with the safety of the grandparents who will catch this. Many grandparents have custody of their grandchildren and if something happens to them there aren’t other options.

  14. I am having a serious issue with the Florida State Re-employment Dept.. I became unemployed on January 6th, 2020 and was awarded 12 weeks of re-employment benefits. In the course of the COVID19 Pandemic, I exhausted my benefits, while for several weeks not being able to even look for work with the *shelter in place* order being in effect. I was told that unless my unemployment is directly because of the Pandemic that I am not eligible to benefits or an extension. This is causing me to not be eligible for the Stimulus payments also and I need more time to look for work. I know many people are probably having the same issue as I am. My husband has stage 4 COPD and we cannot even think of having to move right now with the chance of him getting the virus. Our rent and utilities are going to be late and we face shut-offs with no way to stop it. We have no family here to help us as they all live on the West Coast. I really need help ASAP. Thank you in advance, Kathryn Matchette ~

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