Jared Polis Colorado Governor Mailing Address, Phone Number, Email ID, Contact Details, Contact Information and More

Colorado Governor Mailing Address, Phone Number, Email ID, Contact Details, Contact Information and More details and information given here. The Government of Colorado is headed by the Governor of Colorado. The current Governor of Colorado is Jared Polis who was elected in 2019 in Colorado Governor elections 2019. He is the 43rd Governor of Colorado state. He is the executive head of the Government of Colorado. He leads the government at the national and international level.

In this article, we have provided contact details of Colorado Governor, such as office phone number, email ID, mailing address, appointment contact number, and more. So, let’s read!

Colorado State Capitol
Colorado State Capitol

Mailing Address, and Capitol Address

The office address and mailing address of the Governor of Colorado is given below.

You can send a letter or document to Colorado Governor Mailing Address at Office of the Governor, 136 State Capitol Bldg, Denver, CO 80203. Colorado Governor Office Address is Office of the Governor, 136 State Capitol Bldg, Denver, CO 80203.

Looking for Residency Address of the Governor of Colorado, the you are at right place. The residency address is Governor’s Residence Mansion, E 8th Ave, Denver, CO 80203, USA.

Jared Polis Colorado Governor Contact Details, such as Phone Number, Email Address, and More

You can contact Jared Polis Colorado Governor via making call on Colorado Governor Contact Number at 303-866-2471. Jared Polis Colorado Governor office fax number is not available with us.

Jared Polis Colorado Governor Constituent Help Line Number is  303-866-2885. If you are looking for Colorado Governor toll free number, at this time we don’t have. We will update it soon.

You can visit an official website of Jared Polis Colorado Governor https://www.colorado.gov/governor/ for more details and latest updates.

Social Media Accounts and Pages

You can also get in touch with Jared Polis Colorado Governor via social media platforms. He is active on various social media accounts such as Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook.

Quick Details

Here you can find some quick information about Jared Polis Colorado Governor.

  • Political Party: Democratic Party
  • Wife Name: Marlon Reis
  • Born: 12 May 1975 (age 45 years), Boulder, Colorado, United States
  • Children: Cora Barucha Polis Reis, Caspian Julius Polis Reis
  • Full name: Jared Polis Schutz
  • Office: Governor of Colorado since 2019

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Article last re-published on July 13, 2020.

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  1. Govenor Polis, My name is Colleen Guthrie. I am a respiratory therapist at Parkview hospital in Pueblo. I have been following you with your updates and I appreciate how your updates on the Covid virus. We at Parkview are definitely starting to feel the effects of this virus. It is exhausting taking care of these patients and alot of us go home in tears. And we haven’t even hit the peak of this. I’m writing to ask if we could get hazard pay for us at Parkview. I was told Colorado Springs has been getting it. Thank you for your time and God bless. Stay safe!

  2. Governor Polis,
    Why is Hobby Lobby not exempt from closing when liquor and Marijuana stores are exempt from closing? Really? It is ok to intoxicate yourself to escape the wild frenzy of fear but it is not ok to create with your children when they are stuck at home? It shows the kind of values our society has become. Don’t create just escape. Please allow for useful productive time at home by letting Hobby Lobby stay open.

  3. Governor Polis, Can’t we reactivate the recently shut down Veteran’s Hospital in Denver for surge hospital capacity?

  4. Thank you Governor Polis for contributing to 10 million people filing for unemployment. Because of politicians like you and the rest of the sheeple in Colorado, hundreds of thousands no longer have a stable income in Colorado. You truly answered the call by sheeple in our state that want to be “safe”. When those sheeple finally realize they have no way to pay for food or housing they will thank you too I am sure.

  5. Why have you not had people coming in from “hot spots” to be self quarantined? They could be and probably are bringing the virus with them to infect the rest of us! You should have done this weeks ago especially not continue to let them come in.

  6. Hello Governor Polis,
    I want to thank you for standing your ground early on stay-at-home. My comment is about masks. I realize that there are conflicting opinions about citizens wearing masks. I think if everyone wore a mask when going out, even a fabric mask, it would give us double coverage myself and the other. Thank you, Jamie

  7. A worthless governor you are. Can’t find anything on web or anywhere on your efforts to help small business. Last I saw you, you were on air complaining about what the POTUS was not doing for you. Well, now is the time YOU need to work for a change and tell small business what YOU are doing for them! 3 weeks into this, filing for relief, and still no word. Since you are unreachable shows how much you care for Colorado or its citizens. I did not vote for you by the way.

  8. Sir,
    I believe you are doing an amazing job in a time of crucial and immediate decision making. It is clear you have your own family in how you can appreciate how the “real'” world must function. This allows you to see with a open mind and make decisions for the greater good of all.
    As a nurse and a hairdresser I spent years volunteering at Fort Logan Hospital. Over the years they have closed many units due to funding. This would be an ideal place to turn into a refuge for our homeless population. Much room, capable of sustaining medical equipment and easily excesable as there are many individual buildings. It’s history will explain it all as far as it is just what we need now.
    Thank You for being real……

  9. Why are the abortion clinics open? They are not a critical service. The Appeals Court in Texas closed theirs. Why aren’t you???
    Wal-mart isn’t protecting their employees, they are risking their lives. No facemasks, shields at the check out, no temperatures taken. They said it would be 8 weeks until they started taking temperatures. WHY they sell thermometers.

    Please intervene.

  10. I watched the town hall on TV tonight 4/7 and I just wanted to say you did a good job of dancing around the questions you were asked. But I really would have liked it if you have given a straight answer. I will have to remember this when you come up for re-election.

  11. Please consider not ending the stay at home orders too quickly. It is premature to even make an announcement with a date. The purpose of the stay at home order should be to protect people, not just give the medical community time to acquire more PPE. and bed space. It doesn’t even make sense to talk about the ability to use the convention center for 2000 beds in the same conversation as lifting the stay at home order. SERIOUSLY? Please keep everyone at home as long as it takes to assure we are all as safe as we can be. That won’t be in another 2 weeks. Huwan was locked down for 11 weeks, why would it take less time here?

  12. About this need to wear masks Jared Polis, how am I suppose to get a mask if I can’t leave my house. Also, there aren’t masks available. Finally, how about you send me one, this cripple could certainly use one.

  13. Governor Polis, Basically, you are doing a good job of protecting Colorado citizens from COVID19. However, why is it that major grocery chains (e.g., Safeway), are not required to have their employees wear masks and gloves?? I was in a Safeway today (at 6th and Corona) and NO employees were wearing masks and only two other customers were wearing them. There were no one-way-aisles; so social distancing was impossible as customers passed each other in narrow aisles. Since grocery stores are the places where people are most likely to be exposed to others’ germs, I feel that the state government needs to more strictly enforce federal guidelines regarding distancing and masks and gloves.

  14. if we want to stop the virus we all need to wear a mask out in public. Grocery store workers are working without a mask coughing, sneezing and breathing on products and shelves. The virus can live on surfaces for days. My doctor friend at the CDC told see that the virus can live on plastic for 9 days. The CDC said that up to 50% of infected people don’t even show symptoms. These people are walking around spreading the Virus in our grocery stores. You need to stop them. Make them wear masks like California.

  15. Please stop your over reactive response to covid 19. The data shows that covid 19 is about as serious as a flu. Restricting our liberties for political purposes is unwarranted. This type of over reaction, based on possibilities or projections, does not give you the authority to impose severe restrictions on our liberty. thank you.

  16. Yes I want to see some action taken about the gas and oil companies that are operating under out homes I live in the Longview mobile park East of Longmont and noise is insanely loud noise many nights until 1 2 o’clock then the bussing noise starts we can not get a good night sleep if we tried this is affecting our health in a big way please can you not get us the quiet
    Time there should we no work after 10 PM and no work before 7 A M right now the bussing is driving me crazy and it 5PM I can’t even think isn’t so bad. I hope you will do the job you were elected to do you are the Governor. Please help us

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