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Brighthouse Financial Headquarters Address, Customer Service Number, Phone Number

Brighthouse Financial is an established Insurance Company headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina. The company is counted as one of the largest insurance companies in United States, it operates through multiple independent distribution channels. You may contact Brighthouse Financial if in need of any insurance cover or planning to purchase annuities or Life Insurance cover for you or your family.

Brighthouse Financial is a listed company, its stock listings can be seen at NASDAQ with stock name BHF. You can also find its listings at S&P 400 component index. Currently, Brighthouse Financial’s position of President and Chief Executive Officer is with Eric Steigerwalt. Let’s get to the contact details of Brighthouse Financial. In this article, you can find Brighthouse Financial Headquarters Address, Shareholder Services Contact Number, Investor Relations contacts, Customer Support Phone Number and more.

Brighthouse Financial
Brighthouse Financial, Image Credit: Brighthouse Financial

Brighthouse Financial Headquarters Address and Phone Number

The headquarters of Brighthouse Financial is established in a beautiful and spacious office space in North Carolina.

Do you have a question to ask or concern to share with Brighthouse Financial Administrative Authorities? If yes, you can get in touch with them at Brighthouse Financial Headquarters, please note down the Address: Brighthouse Financial, Inc., 11225 North Community House Road, Charlotte, NC 28277. You may send your concern by mail or visit or on phone.

Here we have provided the Corporate Headquarters Phone Number: (800) 638-5433 for your reference and use.

Shareholder Services Contacts

Do you require any sorts of modification in your shareholding account? To contact Brighthouse Financial Shareholder services for your requests or inquiries, please send an email at Shareholder Service Email Address:

You may also share your important documents concerning shareholdings or queries or request at their mailing address. Please note down the Mailing Address of Brighthouse Financial Shareholder services: Shareholder Services, P.O. Box 505000, Louisville, KY 40233-5000.

Investor Relations

Existing investors or Financial Analysts seeking investment related support may contact Brighthouse Financial Investor Relations team on phone, please note down the Phone Number: (800) 638-5433. Also you can share your concerns or queries (investment related) at Investor Relations Email Address:

Insurance Products Customer Support

Here we have listed important contact numbers of Brighthouse Financial Support team for its products and services. Please refer the details here:

  • For queries regarding Life Insurance Policies, call at: (800) 638-5000
  • For Individual Annuities inquiries, please call at their Phone Number: (800) 638-7732
  • To contact Disability Policies Contacts, please dial: (800) 929-1492
  • For queries regarding Total Control Account, you can call at Phone Number: (800) 638-7283
  • For info and queries regarding Group Annuities, you may contact at: (800) 560-5001
  • For support regarding all other Products, you can call at Phone Number: (800) 638-5433
  • To get in touch with Brighthouse Financial Officers in USA, U.S. Territories & Canada, call at: 1 (888) 670-4771
  • Also you can note down the Brighthouse Financial Office Phone Number for International location: 1 (781) 575-2921
  • Please note down the Brighthouse Financial Office Contact Number for Hearing Impaired (TDD): 1 (781) 575–4592

For more information about Brighthouse Financial products and services, you can visit the Brighthouse Financial Official Website:

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Article last re-published on March 4, 2021.