CME Group Headquarters Address, Contact Information and More

CME Group Headquarters Address, Contact Information and More information are given in this article. CME Group Inc. is a global markets company. It came into existence 172 year ago in 1848. It provides trades in asset classes such as agricultural products, energy, metals, currencies, rates, and stock indexes. Thus, it has became the world’s largest financial derivatives exchange.

It has received several awards which includes FOW International Awards, Americas Exchange of the Year, and many more. It has also listed in the Forbes list of America’s Best Mid-Size Employers. In order to purchase the products of CME Group, then they are available for very lower rates. The information of CME Group is available here.

CME Group
CME Group

CME Group Switchboard Contact Details

You can do inquiries related to the products and services and general inquiries can be done on + 1 312 930 1000.

Trading Production Environment Information

If you want to know about the live markets and trading services, you can call at Global Command Center (GCC). The contact number of GCC is +1 800 438 8616, +44 20 7623 4747 (Europe), +65 6532 5010 (Asia). You can also write email at gcc@cmegroup.com.

Clearing Production Environment Details

You can get the details on production clear, live clearing application, Front End Clearing and more from this contact number  +1 312 207 2525. The EMEA Phone Number is +44 20 3379 3198. Contact Number of APAC is +65 6593 5591. For sending email please use this email address ccs@cmegroup.com.

Enterprise Application & Systems Entitlements (EASE) for Clearing, Globex, and OTC Info

Information related to Application access support, CME ClearPort onboarding, CME Group Login support can get at +1 312 456 1560,  +44 203 379 3802 (EMEA), +65 6593 5536 (APAC). The email address is EASE.AtYourService@cmegroup.com.

Co-Location/Data Center Details

If you are observing for the co-location or other office locations, then you can call at +1 855 253 6671. You can do direct call at +1 312 715 6082. The EMEA contact number is +44 20 7623 4900. The APAC phone number is +65 6438 6180. You can use this email address for sending email CoLo.AtYourService@cmegroup.com.

E-quotes Information

Looking for the news and charts, real time quotes, then it can be get through the writing an email. You can write email for the support at support@cme-equotes.com. For the sales, you can write email at sales@cme-equotes.com.

API Development and Certification Details

If you want to get the information about the development and its certification, please dial at +1 312 930 2322, +44 20 3379 3803 (Europe), +65 6593 5593 (Asia). CSET – CME Globex email address is cset@cmegroup.com. CSET – OTC email address is cset_otc@cmegroup.com.

Trading Floor Information

Technology support can be get, by doing direct conversation at the help desk at +1 312 435 7100.

Global Account Management Details

For the global account management details, you may get it from this contact details +1 312 634 8700. Contact number for Europe is +44 20 3379 3754 and the Asia phone number is +65 6593 5505.

Historical Market Data Information

The Historical Price Information can be get from +1 312 634 8870. You can do direct correspondence using this contact number.

Fees Details

Information related to the transaction fees can be get using this phone number +1 312 648 5470.

Market Regulation Information

If you are looking for the Exchange trading rules and policies, Regulatory Outreach Program, then you can dial at +1 312 341 7970.

BrokerTec Details

You can get the details of BrokerTec using this phone number +1 212 521 4700, +44 0 20 7818 9890 (Europe), +65 6653 5191 (Asia Pacific).

EBS Information

For the EBS contact details and customer support, please ring up at +1 877 278 0643, +1 866 480 2659 (Canada), +44 800 012 8011 (UK), +1800 351 905 (Australia). You can also send email at customersupport@ebs.com.

CME Treasury Details

For the Global Head Client Services Details, you can call at +44 (0) 20 7000 5164, +1 877 204 7417. You can clear your doubts with the direct conversation using this number.

Clearing Services Information

Details about New Firm Onboarding, Option Expiration etc. can be get by going direct communication at +1 312 207 2525.

Bank Transaction Inquiry

If you want to get the information about the Debit and Credit bank transactions, then you can send an email at this email address BankingInquiry@cmegroup.com.

Risk Management Details

Performance Bonds / Margins, CME Market Protections and further information can be known from this phone number +1 312 648 3888. You can also use this email address for clear information clearing.riskmanagement@cmegroup.com.

Deliveries Information

If you are searching for the Storage fees, cash settlements, Delivery points/facilities and assignments, then please make a phone call on +1 312 930 3172 or you can also use this email address ClearingHouseDeliv@cmegroup.com

Financial Banking / Settlement Details

Information about Clearing House Financial Systems are available at +1 312 207 2594.

Repository Services Information

You can get the information such as CME Swap Data Repository, Trade & Swap Repository support from +1 312 580 5352, +44 20 3379 3180 (Europe), +65 6593 5592 (Asia).

Products Details

The information about different products can be get from here. For the details of Agriculture can be get form this email address agriculture@cmegroup.com. For the information about Energy, please use energy@cmegroup.com. Equities details are available at equities@cmegroup.com.

You can get FX team details from fxteam@cmegroup.com. Interest Rates Information is available at interestrates@cmegroup.com. Details of Metals are present at metals@cmegroup.com.

Services Information

Details of Membership, Types and pricing and more are available at +1 312 435 3480.

Investor Relations Details

If you want to know about Shareholder information, Financial reports, then you can do direct contact with investor relations at +1 312 930 3484.

Media Relations Information

If you are a part of press and want to get information about the latest news, then here we have some contact details for you. So, lets see.

The Managing Director, Corporate Marketing & Communications contact number is +1 312 466 4613. For sending email please use, anita.liskey@cmegroup.com.

For the Executive Director, Corporate Marketing & Communication, you can contact at +1 312 648 8698. You can send email at laurie.bischel@cmegroup.com.

You can call to Executive Director, Corporate Communications EMEA/Asia at +44 20 3379 3799. The email address is donal.mccarthy@cmegroup.com.

The contact number of Senior Director, Corporate Communications, Asia is +65 6593 5564 and email address is leemeng.gan@cmegroup.com.

If you want to do the direct communication with Senior Director, Corporate Communications, then you can do at +1 312 930 3435. You can also do email at chris.grams@cmegroup.com.

The Director, Media Relations phone number is +44 20 7818 9689, +44 7776 995611. For sending email please use this email address Bryony.Bushnell@nex.com.

You can do direct contact with Director, Corporate Communications, then please use +1 312 561 2269 and email address is matthew.stroud@cmegroup.com.

If you are searching for the phone number of Manager, Corporate Communications, EMEA, then here it is, +44 20 3379 3831. You can send email at  fleur.binyon@cmegroup.com.

You can talk with Broadcast and Digital Communications Specialist Coordinator at +1 312 341 5808. You can write email at Alexander.Collins@cmegroup.com.

Here is the Digital Project Coordinator contact number +1 312 930 8279. You can also use this email address for the clear conversation Samira.Kanacevic@cmegroup.com.

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Social Account Platforms

Here, we have some social media accounts, where CME Group is available. The social media accounts are Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube.

Article first published on May 13, 2020.

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