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Clint Eastwood

Clint Eastwood Email Phone Number, Email Address, Contact Info, and more information given right here. He is an American businessman, composer, politician, Actor, director, as well as producer. You can buy Clint Eastwood: A Biography book online at low prices at Amazon and many other e-commerce websites. He was married to Dina Ruiz in 1996. You can buy fancy hat in USA like Clint Eastwood wear, then you can easily buy it online from many eCommerce websites at affordable rates.

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Clint Eastwood
Clint Eastwood

Clint Eastwoo Addresses

If you are looking for Clint Eastwood house address, at this time, we don’t have. When we get, we will update it here.

If you want to write a letter or send an autograph request to Clint Eastwood, kindly send it to Clint Eastwood Fan Mail Address at Clint Eastwood, Malpaso Productions, 10100 Santa Monica Blvd., Suite 650, Los Angeles, CA 90067-4102, USA.

You can also contact Clint Eastwood via Malpaso Productions office address at Malpaso Productions, (Production Company), 10100 Santa Monica Blvd., Suite 650, Los Angeles, CA 90067-4102, USA.

The office address of Clint Eastwood is Malpaso Productions, (Production Company), 10100 Santa Monica Blvd., Suite 650, Los Angeles, CA 90067-4102, USA.

Clint Eastwoo Contact Details including Phone Numbers and Contact Numbers

If you want to speak to Clint Eastwood, please make a call on Clint Eastwood office contact number at (818) 954-3367. Clint Eastwood office fax number is not available at this time.

Are you looking for Clint Eastwood personal mobile number? Currently we don’t have. But, you can contact Clint Eastwood through above mentioned office landline number.

Official Site and Email ID

If you are seeking for Clint Eastwood’s email address and official website, at this time we don’t have. When we get, we will update it here.

Social Media Accounts

Social media account is one of the greatest and easy way to contact any celebrity. But, there are so many celebrities who wan to stay away from social media platforms, Clint Eastwood is one of them. He is not available on social media platforms.

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Quick Details

At this place, you can get some fast facts about Clint Eastwood.

  • Children: Scott Eastwood, Alison Eastwood, Francesca Eastwood, MORE
  • Clint Eastwood Net worth: US$375 million (2015)
  • Age 90 years
  • Clint Eastwood Height: 1.93 m
  • Wife Name: Maggie Johnson (m. 1953; div. 1984), Dina Ruiz (m. 1996; div. 2014)

Article last re-published on July 18, 2020.

10 thoughts on “Clint Eastwood Email Phone Number, Email Address, Contact Info

  1. I would like to point Mr Eastwood to a book “Surviving the claw of the tiger” written by John Gobrecht. My brother in law is a former marine and was involved in the battle known as Operation Union II for control of the QueSon Valley/Basin.

    All these men are aging. They were exposed to Agent Orange and have suffered greatly. They are just real American Heroes and someone should tell their story. It is Compelling.

  2. I’m a 70 yr. old 100% US Disabled Vietnam Combat Vet. I believe that my full life’s story would be something you might be interested in portraying in a movie or possibly a series due to the many “abnormal” events in my life.

  3. David G Albert
    American Citizen, US Army, Ret. 100% Combat Disabled Veteran,
    Ret. Mechanical Engineer

    Mr. Clint Eastwood:
    I’m sure You’ve “heard it all” from your large base of Fans & Admirers by now. So I’ll not waste Your valuable time. I’m a 70 year old U.S. 🇺🇸Disabled Vietnam 🇻🇳 Combat Vet that has led a very “unusual & eventful & what some would call an “interesting” Life.
    I’ve always admired HOW You’ve lived Your Life both off & on the “screen”. So due to my Respect & admiration for your multi talents I’m Respectfully asking if You would have any interest in collaborating my Lifetime “saga” which touches on so many of the strong emotions that draw average people to want to know about & especially to SEE about on “screen”. I believe that none of the unusual events of my Life would oppose your views or opinions or beliefs. I think they would actually reinforce Your values of Honor & Respect for Your Country & Your Family & for Others & of course for Ones Self.
    Here’s a very brief summary of my Life to date of 7/4/2020 :
    🚨📝Born: June 27, 1950 in Ohio to a relatively poor family of 10 children. We all had the same Father & Mother. Early June, 1961 all 10 children were “legally” forced into orphanages at my then age of 10, when I & my other 9 siblings were chased down & “captured” by Sheriff Deputies representing Ohio, Child Protective Services Dept. in Fremont, Ohio,USA. I was forced into a police cruiser along with my (4) Brothers in early June 1961. My (5) Sisters were forced into another separate police cruiser. We (10) children ranged from ages of (12) years old to 12 months old. I was the 3rd oldest. My (5) Sisters were then driven away in (1) Police Cruiser & we (5) Brothers were driven away in the other Police Cruiser. One Cruiser delivered its full “cargo of my (5) Sisters” to a different & separate Orphanage from the other Cruiser’s “cargo” of myself & my (4) Brothers. None of we (5) Brothers were ever told what happened to our (5) Sisters OR to our Parents. We never had ANY further contact with ANY family members after that fateful day. We (5) Brothers lived together in multiple Orphanages & Foster homes for (2) years. It’s a long story there that I’ll not dwell on here.
    🚨📝Adopted at age (13) along with my (1) year older Brother by an Ohio couple with 3 slightly older children of their own. Unfortunately my Brother & I were basically treated as “indentured servants” on their farm. We were never accepted or treated as “part of the Family” as my Brother & I eventually took on the majority of the farm work until we each reached the legal age of 18. I was denied, by my Adopted parents refusal to sign their needed consent, to participate in any of the “Honors”(ie:Candidate for West Point, Air Force Academy) that I earned as an “Honor Society Student Member” in Clyde High School, Ohio. Those (6) long years of abuse while living under their roof is yet another LONG story that I’ll not further dwell on here.
    🚨📝: I left “home” the very morning of my (18) birthday on June 27, 1968 & moved into sharing an apartment with my real older Brother. Less then a year earlier he had run away from our adoptive parents just a few months after his 18th birthday. He had stayed with me for a few months after his 18th birthday only so I wouldn’t be alone to deal with our adoptive parents abuse. After a few months he just couldn’t take their abuse any more & ran away. Neither he nor I ever spoke to our adoptive parents again. I worked at a tree & flower nursery in my home town with a very Honorable & very educated Father figure employer with a Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering. His Wife just happened to be my High School English teacher who I had always admired for her guidance in my High School years. They both helped me emotionally & financially. I was blessed to have them both to help me to find some “direction” in my Life. They helped me to start taking night Courses at a College branch close by to advance my scholastic education for Mechanical Engineering, as I continued to work at their successful Nursery Business. I have them both to Thank for their selfless Help & Guidance at a time when I needed such Wonderful People in my Life. My adopted parents would do NOTHING to help me or my Brother in any way.
    Unfortunately….After only taking (6) college night courses as a part time Student, Fate again intervened.
    On 3-17-1970, at the age of (19), I was Drafted to serve in the US Army. By August 15, 1970 I was an Army Rifleman in the 25th Infantry Division about 40 miles outside of Saigon. After (4) months in combat I was transferred to the 27th Infantry Division south of Danang, Vietnam. On 12-7-1970, while on a (6) man night ambush patrol, I was critically wounded. My Sargent, who was about 10 feet behind me on our Night Patrol, had stepped on a well camouflaged land mine & he was killed instantly. I was lucky to have a Medic in our (6) man patrol who saved my life by his quick response to apply tourniquets to both my legs & to my right arm, along with a very welcomed shot of morphine. I was also lucky to be fairly quickly Medevaced by chopper from the battlefield to the closest Army Field Hospital where I was quickly evaluated by Army Doctors as not expected to survive & was given my Last Rights by the Army Chaplin. But I continued to “mentally fight with myself” to not panic & stay calm as I had been doing since the land mine explosion that had caused my wounds. I knew that many battlefield deaths could’ve been avoided had the Soldier not panicked. With only that thought in my mind I was able to stay alive. I had lost all of my right leg & my left leg was severely damaged by the shrapnel of the bobby-trapped land mine. My right arm was only slightly wounded in comparison to my other wounds. I went from weighing (140)lbs. down to (85)lbs. while I was in the US Army Field Hospital in Vietnam for over a month. A month that I remember only bits & pieces of, before the U.S. Army Hospital finally realized (1) of their medical mistakes. I was then flown to an Army Hospital in Japan for (2) weeks to gain more strength for the longer Army Hospital flight to Vally Forge Army Hospital in Pennsylvania. There my condition only slightly improved until after being there for about a month or so before that Army Hospital realized another medical mistake made while I was in the Vietnam Army Hospital. After another (7) months of Army Hospital Care I was Medically Retired with 100% Disabled in July 1071.
    🚨📝: After my discharge from the Army at age 21 in July 1971. I along with many other thousands of returning Vietnam Vets were treated as criminals & labeled as Baby Killers by our own American citizens because of our Service in the Vietnam War. I’ll not delve any deeper into our betrayal by our own Country.
    A) After a month of unemployment I went back to work with my pre-Army employer as I also went back to nite college with Army Veterans benefits to get my Associate Degree in Mechanical Engineering.
    B) Five months after my Army Discharge I married my High School Sweetheart. In hindsight, we married without taking into full consideration how she & I had mentally changed in different directions during our 1-1/2 years of Military separation. I of course had changed physically too. She became an adulteress about a year after our marriage. Which unfortunately only lasted a little over one year & fortunately w/o any children.
    🚨📝: In late 1971 my Brother had accidentally found our birth parents in an Ohio city only 35 miles from the town where my Brother & I had been adopted. They had (3) additional children since our “separation” in 1961. There’s way too much to mention here as it too is another long personal story.
    A) I had had a purely platonic relationship with my ex-sister-in-law who had (1) little baby boy while married to my ex-wife’s Brother. Both her & her baby Boy were being treated very “shabbily” by my selfish & self-centered Ex-Brother-In-Law. She finally divorced him not long before my divorce was finalized. about the same time & together we changed each other’s lives for the Best that either of us had ever known. I realize tt sounds “corny” Clint, but we were both Like (2) ships lost in the dark & found each other. She came from a family of 13. Another very long story there. My older, & still unmarried, Brother with whom we had always continued sharing our lives together with, graduated College w/a Business Degree & was immediately Drafted into US Army & served in Germany in 1970-1971. He moved to California & was a successful Business Consultant with Yamaha, Inc. in Los Angeles, CA. Unfortunately in 1986 @ 37 years old he succumbed to HIV. I was 36 at the time. Another “story”
    🚨📝🤔: Oct. 1973, I moved to Michigan & was employed as a Mechanical Engineer & I got remarried to my Ex-Sister-In-Law in 1974. I adopted “Her” baby Boy who’s Father, unfortunately, never wanted anything to do with him & paid ZERO child support. I was employed as a Mechanical Engineer from 1973 till 2015. We were blessed with a 2nd Son in 1975 & a 3rd Son in 1976. We lived VERY happily until 1990 when my Wife started having uncontrollable epileptic seizures & couldn’t drive anymore & being alone wasn’t a viable option. We struggled & failed for 8 years to find any available medications to control the seizures she had every day. Finally as the “last resort” in 1997(?) she & her Doctors decided to have part of her brain removed to stop the seizures. After that the seizures stopped. She was “relatively” similar to her old self for about (4) years, until she had an auto accident in 2001. It was not caused by her, but involved a Michigan State Police Officer in pursuit of a possible criminal who broadsided my Wife’s car as she was legally driving under a green traffic signal light. She sustained a concussion that initiated a mental/physical “character altering” that over a period of the next (5+) years she figuratively went from being a Dr. Jekyll to permanently becoming “Mr Hyde” in a downward spiral. Her Doctors have said what’s happening to her is not at all any fault of hers because removing part of the brain along with the damage that epileptic seizures do & then along with a car accident, can cause untold physical & mental changes in any Human being. Another unfortunately tragic story there with failed legal court fighting to help compensate for making her dependent on a walker at age 53 & for putting the last “nail in her coffin” from which my Wife has never recovered from.
    My Wife gave to me & my Sons the only “Good & Best” years of Her Life & I’ll never leave her side till “Death Do Us Part”. And it’s VERY important for you to know that I have NEVER cheated on my Wife. Ever.
    Since 2007, we are still “legally” “Man & Wife” & living in the same house. But we no longer share ANYTHING together. We live in separate rooms of our large home. We seldom spoke to each other because that’s the way She wants it to be. I retired from my 42 years as a Mechanical Engineer early in 2015. In 2018 my wife lost her “freedom” when her health both physically & mentally deteriorated with the onset of dementia. Since October of 2018 I’ve lived with my wife to support & care for her.
    There are still ongoing events in my Life that are directly related to caring for my wife that I won’t mention here because of the time & space limitations of now.
    “Thank😊You SO MUCH” for taking your valuable time to read through this lengthy letter.
    Let me know if any of this might be of interest to you or to anyone “You” may recommend. I Respect & Admire your Judgement & how you Practice your many Admirable Talents as an Actor & as a Director on all of your projects. And I also Admire the examples You have shown as You “Live Your Life”. I Believe that, from what I’ve seen & heard of You, We Share many equal “Character Defining Qualifies & Beliefs”. That’s why I’ve ONLY come to You, Clint. I’ve not shared this “vision” of mine with ANYONE ELSE, except You, Clint Eastwood.

    Respectfully yours :
    David Gene Albert

    PS: I apologize for the length of this letter.

  4. Hi Clint (Rowdy Yates) Been a huge fan for close to 60 years plus. I just wanted to wish you a belated happy 90th birthday from Canada (Niagara Falls). I have all your dvds and books from Rawhide, Spagetti Westerns, Dirty Harry to your more recent films. When they say you get better with age, in your situation they’re not kidding. You are the greatest actor,director ,producer I have come to enjoy!!
    May you give many many more years of great quality entertainment!!

    All the best!

    Steve Daniels

    Steve Daniels

    ps. tried to look up your phone number to tell you in person!!

  5. I woke up around 3 this morning. Just having had a vivid dream of being with you in our house Clint. In short we live in am old country house not far from Dublin. Ireland.
    We would be love to chat.

  6. Hi, (I don`t speak english very well)
    I have an idea for a movie I think maybe Clint Eastwood gonna like.
    If you have an e mail adress so I can send the idea by e mail. I am from South America – Uruguay
    Best wishes for all.

  7. Dear Mr. Clint Eastwood,
    When I checked my email in the morning today, I saw your final goodbye message. I hope to get across to you my feelings, respect, Best Wishes, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the huge impressions you made not only on my mind but also on my value systems.
    It is extremely difficult to compass a lifetime contribution to millions across the world in a few words. Suffice it to say, that my sincerest ‘thank you’ reaches you.
    An ardent admirer from India.
    Hemant V. Jadhav

  8. Love to chat — don’t wish to waste your time or mine . Recon Marine KILO 3/4 “67” . LIFELONG MEMBER SAG/AFTRA AND #399 TEAMSTER . MOST ASPECTS OF FILM , TV , VO AND I JUST DISCOVERED TODAY WE ARE RELATED . MY RESUME GETS RESPONSE ” NEVER SAW A RESUME LIKE MINE ” — CASTING , TRANSPO AND HAVE WORKED WITH BIGGIES . LET’S TALK ” MY MOTHERS BROTHER ” WILLIAM BRADFORD HOELSCHER ” 334th FG — P-51 ( ONLY OLIVE DRAB 8th AF ) CHECK BRITISH WAR MUESEUM . LAST RECORDED CASUALTY AND KILL ON A 262 ” IN EUROPEAN THEATRE” . LET’S TALK RECON , 2nd Raiders , my father’s side of family Kaiser Wilhelm . Not looking for money – want to work on next project . Have motorcycles will travel . (503) 637-3160 land line . The Kaiser & Czar Nick – first cousins and grand children of Queen Victoria . Die familie fur das leben .


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