ABM Industries Headquarters Address, Investor Relations Email and Contact Info

ABM Industries Inc. is a large facility management company based in New York, New York, United States. The company is engaged in the business of delivering facility solutions in the United States. The company was founded in 1909 and currently headed by CEO Scott Salmirs.

They have a team of more than 140K employees across the US. They have clients from various sectors and industries such as banking, education, life sciences, commercial office buildings, government, healthcare and more. Let’s see headquarters information of ABM Industries.

ABM Industries
ABM Industries, Image Credit: ABM Industries

ABM Industries Headquarters Contact Information

The company is based in New York, NY and have office locations across the US. Please note down their corporate headquarters, New York ABM Office, One Liberty Plaza 7th floor, New York, NY 10006. For any query/question, please get in touch with regional or local office.

Please dial 212-297-0200 to talk with ABM Industries Worldwide Headquarters. Please do not call this phone number for small query. This is our own suggestion only!

Investor Relations Contacts

For any query related to Investor Relations, please note down this Office Address: Vice President, Investor Relations & Treasurer One Liberty Plaza, 7th Floor  New York, NY 10006.

Please dial Investor Relations on this Phone Number 212-297-9721. This phone number is dedicated only for IR queries/questions.

Please shoot your Investor Relations query on this Email Address

Customer Support Contacts

For any query related to customer support, please dial ABM Industries Customer Call Center 212-297-0200. For queries related to ABM Procurement Expert, please dial (866) 922-7601. For Business Inquiries, please dial (866) 624-1520.

Team Member Benefits

For any query related to team member benefits, either send your query through an email (Team Member Benefits) or dial 855-306-8106.


If you are looking for information about Payroll, please dial 713-776-6082. Alternatively, please shoot your question to this email address

Team Member Garnishments

For Team Member Garnishments information/query, please dial 713-776-5014. Alternatively, please send your query to this email address

W-2 Information

For query related to W-2 Information, please dial 855-226-3676. Please send your question or feedback to this email address

Safety Hotline

Please dial 866-208-2114 to talk with Safety Hotline team. Please send your question or feedback to this email address

IT Help Desk

Please dial 800-470-4357 to talk with IT Help Desk team. Please send your feedback to this email address

Compliance Hotline

Please dial 877–253–7804 to get in touch with Compliance Hotline. Please dial 415-351–4367 to get in touch with Team Member Relations.

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For more information about company’s activities, news and latest updates, please visit official website

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  1. One of your employees has been using hate speech and racist remarks on Facebook. His profile has ABM listed as a current workplace. Because of his consistent harassment and behavior I may pursue legal action if it continues but your company’s reputation should not be tarnished over his behavior. His name is Troy Heiland and he lives is Pace, FL

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