Waste Management Inc Headquarters Address, Corporate Office Phone Number and More

Waste Management Inc. is a large waste management company, headquartered in Houston, Texas, United States of America. The company is headed by the CEO James C. Fish Jr. since November 2016 and listed on the NYSE. It is one of the largest waste management companies in the US. They offer services includes dumpster rental, garbage collection, disposal and recycling. They have a good network of sites and large workers.

So, let’s have a look at the contact details of Waste Management Inc including Contact Number, Customer Service Number, Helpline Number, Phone Number, CEO Email Address, Corporate Office Address, Email Address and Contact Info.

Waste Management Headquarters
Waste Management Headquarters, Photo Credit: Headism

Waste Management Inc Headquarters Information

The company is headquartered in Houston, Texas, USA. They have good number of office locations in USA. To get the highest level of executive support, please get in touch with the company’s corporate headquarters. Here is their corporate headquarters address, 1001 Fannin Street Houston, Texas 77002.

The company is also ready to answer your queries/questions on telephone. Here is Corporate Office Phone Number: (713) 512-6200.

Shareholder Services Contacts

For shares related queries and questions, please get in touch with Computershare. Here is their mailing address, Computershare P.O. BOX 505000 Louisville, KY 40233.

For overnight letters, please use Overnight correspondence address/mailing address: Computershare 462 South 4th Street, Suite 1600 Louisville, KY 40202.

Investor Relations Contacts

For investor relations matters/queries, please dial Investor Relations Phone Number: (713) 265-1656. Alternatively, please send your IR queries through an email Investor Relations Email Address:

Customer Care Number and Other Important Numbers

  • Corporate Customer Cares Phone Number:  713-512-6345
  • Senior Director Phone Number:  (713) 265-1656
  • Senior Financial Analyst Phone Number: (713) 265-1507

Senior Financial Analyst can be reached on this email address:

For more information, please visit Waste Management Inc.’s official website

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CEO Email Address

Mr. James C. Fish is the CEO of Waste Management Inc. since 2016. Please get in touch with him to get the highest level of support and co-operation from the company. Here is his company’s business email address

Article Title: Waste Management Inc Headquarters Address, Corporate Office Phone Number and More
Article last re-published on February 2, 2021. 

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  1. Dear WM, Mr. James Fish President and Human Resources:

    My name is Mark Davidson, I am upset and disappointed. Nothing like being treated with disrespect. I expected so much more from you. I applied for a roll off driver position in Kansas City, KS. First contact Lester Rojas, 312.915.5228. Spoke with him. Went well last Friday, 03-27-29 330pm. We set up phone interview for yesterday 03-30-20 at 1230 pm. No call. I was prepared. I waited 2.0 hrs. I called left message x 2. Sent text even to same number that texted me regarding phone interview at 862-263-9578. No courtesy return. As of 940 AM left message with Mr. Lester Rojas. I stated disappointment. I expected more professional behavior. WM should be ashamed for mistreating people-disrespect. Initially Lester Rojas was calling my wife vs correct number mine. Also I noticed in Text it stated name wrong…Mark Michael. I am Mark Michael Davidson. WM appears disorganized and rude. I am retired military-27 yrs Safety NCO and a Marketing degree with much training in leadership and customer service. I retired with a Meritorious Service Award given by a General. That is not common place. I am writing a letter to your president and sending it Certified Mail. I would want to know if one of my 155 Soldiers I was over behave so unprofessionally. You know the Marketing 3-10 rule. Do something good 3 others will be told….do something bad and 10 will know.

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