Stericycle Headquarters Address, Email Address, Toll Free Number and More

Stericycle is a company which is specialized in collecting and disposing pharmaceuticals, medical waste, hazardous waste and so on. It trains, educates and also provide patient communication services. It also serves with recalled and expired goods. It was founded in 1989. The company has 23,200 employees in 2017.

The contact details of Stericycle includes Customer Help Desk Number, Corporate Office Address, Office Locations, HQ Contact Number, Contact Information and More.


Stericycle Headquarters Address and Contact Details

The Global Corporate Headquarters contact information of Stericycle is give here. You can visit at 2355 Waukegan Road, Bannockburn, IL 60015. You can also make a direct call at 1-847-367-5910 or can do fax at 1-847-367-9493.

Stericycle Transfer Agent and IR Contact Details

Going to invest at Stericycle, then you can get the details regarding the investment from the investor relations officer. You can talk to investor relations directly at 1-800-643-0240 ext. 2012, 1-847-607-2012. You can also do email at

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Stericycle Media Relations Contact Details

The press member can get the details of news room from the media relations. The email address of media relations is

Stericycle Customer Support

For the customer related services, you can dial at 866 783 7422 or you can do email at

The information regarding Sales or Additional Services, then you can use this contact number. The number is 833 531 0993.

At the time of emergency, please call at 1-888-732-3901. For the Hazardous Waste Emergency Response, you can ring up at 1-877-577-2669.

For the Urgent Matters for APHIS or Cargo Destruction, the phone number is 1-800-497-6605. The details regarding the BIOHAZARDOUS & MEDICAL WASTE are available at 1-855-980-5272. You can also get the information about Healthcare Pharmaceutical Disposal from the given number.

In order to return your product, then you can dial at 1-877-546-8441. For the Automotive Solutions, this contact number is useful 1-800-215-6230.

Mystery Shopper details are present at 1-800-977-8943 ext. 1365. Please call at 1-800-977-8943 ext. 1267 for the Quality Audit information.

If you want to get detailed notes about Lab Packing, then you can ring up at 1-866-303-7344. The APHIS Waste and Rejected Cargo Destruction can be get from 1-949-498-2791.

For the communications solutions, you can just dial at 1-866-783-9820. The Accessibility details is available at this email address

Social Media Accounts

Many of us are using the social media pages to find the information. You can follow Stericycle at the social media pages updated here. The social media pages are Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Article first published on December 08, 2020.

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