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PVH Corporate Headquarters Address, Corporate Office, Email Address and More

PVH Corp. is a famous clothing company headquartered in New York, New York, United States. The company was founded in 1881 and owns popular brands such as Calvin Klein, Olga, Van Heusen, True & Co., Tommy Hilfiger, etc. PVH is engaged in the business of offering premium clothing brands in the US and worldwide. To buy products, please visit the respective brand’s official website.

The company is listed on the New York Stock Exchange with the ticker name PVH. Emanuel Chirico is leading the company since February 2006 as the CEO. Let’s see the headquarters information of PVH, including the corporate headquarters address.

PVH Corp.
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PVH Corp. Headquarters Address and Phone Number

The company has several brand outlets across the US and other countries. The corporate office is located in New York, NY. Please note down the headquarters address of PVH Corp., 200 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10016-3903. For any brand-related queries, please send your message to the respective brand’s customer care email address.

For any important matter/topic, please dial 212.381.3500. This phone number is useful for general inquiry and to get the highest level of support from the company as a customer.

Van Heusen Customer Service Email and Phone

If your query is related to Van Heusen, please send your message to this email address vanheusencustomerservice@pvh.com. For any urgent matter, please dial 800-388-9122 to talk with Van Heusen Customer Care.

Tommy Hilfiger Customer Service Email and Phone

Please send your query to this email address tommyhilfigercustomerservice@tommy.com. Please try to describe your query as short as possible. Alternatively, please dial Tommy Hilfiger Phone Number: 800-866-6922.

If your concern is related to an e-commerce website, please dial 888-866-6948 (Tommy.com Helpline Number). As a customer, you can also send your concern to this Email Address: tommyhelp@tommy.com.

Calvin Klein Customer Service Email and Phone

Please send your query to this Email Address: calvinkleincustomerservice@pvh.com. Please try to explain your query as simply as possible. Alternatively, please dial Calvin Klein Phone Number: 866-214-6694.

Please dial 866-513-0513 to talk with the customer care team/customer support team for e-commerce queries. Alternatively, please send any query to this Email Address: customerservice@calvinklein.com.

SpeedOUSA.com Customer Service Email and Phone

For any quick resolution, please explain your query to the customer support team at this Email Address: service@speedousa.com. For a quick talk with the customer support team, please dial 888-477-3336 (SpeedoUSA.com Helpline Number).

For product updates, please visit PVH official website https://www.pvh.com/.

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Investor Relations Email Address

As a good investor, do you have any questions related to investor relations? Please note down Investor Relations Email Address: investorrelations@pvh.com.

Article last re-published on March 17, 2021.