Chemours Headquarters Address, IR Email, Media Inquiries Email Address and Corporate Office Contact Info

The Chemours Company or simply known as Chemours is a large chemicals company headquartered in Wilmington, Delaware, United States. The company was formed after a spin-off from world-famous DuPont. The Chemours Company is listed on the NYSE with the ticker name CC. It is engaged in the business of chemicals and have a good market share in the US. More than 7000 employees are working for the company.

So, let’s have a look at the headquarters contact info of Chemours Company¬†including corporate office address (corporate headquarters address), email address, investor relations, media relations, and more.

Chemours, Photo Credit: Josh Shannon, Newark Post

The Chemours Company Headquarters Information

The company is based in Wilmington, Delaware, United States and have several sites/office locations in the US. To send any essential communication to the company, please use this mailing address/corporate headquarters address, 1007 Market Street P.O. Box 2047 Wilmington, Delaware 19899.

To have a nice discussion with the company on any important issues, please dial +1.302.773.1000. They are much eager to solve your issues or questions.

Investor Relations Email Address

Do you have any general inquiries about the company’s investor relations? If yes, please send your message with proper explanation to this email address, Please do not expect any answer other than investor relations queries/questions.

Media Relations Email Address

Please note down the email address of media inquiries, This email address can only be used by the members of media houses, journalists, and reporters. Please do not expect any other response on this email address.

How to Send Your Message to Corporate Headquarters

To send your general inquiry to the corporate headquarters of the company, please use this online form. This webpage can be used to send most valuable message to the company. As a customer, you just need to fill out normal information such as First Name, Last Name, Classification, Email Address, Company Name, Industry, Phone Number, Country, Inquiry, and more.

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Article last re-published on April 5, 2021.