Bill Gates

Bill Gates Contact Details, Email Address, Office Address, Residence Address, Phone Number and More

Bill Gates Contact Details, Email Address, Office Address, Residence Address, Phone Number and More details given here. When you buy operating system software for your computer, then you definitively go to buy Windows 7, or buy Windows 10, or buy Windows operating systems which are available latest. These all operating systems are powered by Microsoft Corporation, the company co-founded by Bill Gates. To buy Windows operating system online, then please visit the official website link given in this article.

In this article, we have compiled a list of information about Bill Gates contact details, such as email address, office address, house address, contact number, phone number, personal mobile number / cell number, and much more. So, let’s see!

Bill Gates
Bill Gates

Bill Gates Contact Details, Email Address, Office Address, Residence Address, Phone Number and More

Office Address and Residence Address

  • Bill Gates Office Address: Microsoft Corporation, One Microsoft Way, Redmond, WA 98052-6399, UNITED STATES.
  • Office Address 1: Bill & Melinda Foundation, 500 Fifth Avenue North, Seattle, WA 98109, United States of America.
  • Bill Gates Mailing Address: PO Box 23350, Seattle WA 98102, United States of America.
  • Bill Gates Residence Address / Home Address: Xanadu 2.0, Near Lake Washington, Medina, Washington 98039, United States.

Bill Gates Contact Details

  • Bill Gates Phone Number: 1-(206) 709-3100
  • Bill Gates Contact Number: 1-425 882-8080
  • Telephone Number: 1-425 882-8080
  • Bill Gates Email Address / Email ID: or
  • Fax Number: Not Available
  • Mobile Number: Not Available
  • Official Website:

Social Media Presence

  • Official Facebook Page / Facebook Account:
  • Official Twitter Handle / Twitter Account:
  • Instagram Account: Not Available

Questions Asked by Our Readers

Q.1: Is Bill Gates Email ID / Bill Gates Email Address real?
Answer: Oh, of course, it is!

Q.2: Let me know Bill Gates personal email ID.
Answer: We have only two email addresses of Bill Gates, which are 1. and 2.

Q.3: Is Bill Gates address still working?
Answer: We haven’t tried to contact Bill Gates to check current status. It’s a good try to contact him through snail mail.

Q.4: How to contact Bill Gates?
Answer: Snail mail is the best way to contact Bill Gates. An email is also one of the best ways to contact him. However, chances are very thin that you would get any personal response from Bill Gates.

Q.5: Please let me know Bill Gates house address Seattle.
Answer: Bill Gates house address in Seattle already given.

Q.6: How to read latest updates and articles on Bill Gates.
Answer: Bill Gates official website is the best way to get latest updates and thoughts from Bill Gates.

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Article Title: Bill Gates Contact Details, Email Address, Office Address, Residence Address, Phone Number and More
Article last re-published on August 30, 2018.

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