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Ben Affleck
Ben Affleck, Photo Credit: Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

Fan Mail Address and Celebrity Agent Info

Do you wish to send fan mail to Ben Affleck? If yes, please refer the given address info. You can send your compliments, letters or messages to your favorite artist at this address, please note it down: Ben Affleck, Sunshine, Sachs & Associates, Llc, 720 Cole Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90038-3606, USA.

If you are looking for working with him or signing him for your movie or series, please get in touch with his Celebrity Agent. You may mail your requests at this address: Sunshine, Sachs & Associates, Llc, (Public Relations Agency), 720 Cole Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90038-3606, USA.

You may also share your request by calling the Celebrity Agent on this Phone: (323) 822-9300.

Ben Affleck was born on August 15, 1972 in California. He started acting at a very early age of seven in the year 1981. Do you wish to send your favorite actor compliments or fan mail? In this article, you can find contact details about Ben Affleck like his Fan Mail Address Info, Celebrity Agent Info, Residence Info and more. So, let’s take a look at the details!

Where does Ben Affleck live?

Ben Affleck is a proud owner of many affluent properties in United States, let’s see! He owns a beautiful mansion located in Hampton Island. It is a huge mansion built over 35 hectares of land. He also owns another mansion called Oyster House that features three master suites and five bedrooms. This huge luxury is built over an area of 10000 sq foot.

Where do I send an autograph request to Ben Affleck

If you are looking for Ben Affleck Autograph, this section may interest you a lot. To get his autograph, you can send your autograph request to the actor’s Public Relations Team. The address details are mentioned in the above section.

To increase your chances of getting the autograph, you can send a request letter along with a self addressed and stamped envelope by mail at the above mentioned address. If you need autograph on a photo, you can include that too in the envelope.

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Ben Affleck’s first ever screen appearance at the age of seven was in the independent film “The Dark End of the Street. As a child actor, he was recognized for his appearance in the popular PBS Children Series- The Voyage of the Mimi  and The Second Voyage of the Mimi, released in the years 1984 and 1988 respectively.

Ben Affleck is a popular face in Hollywood. He is quite famous as an actor, director, producer, patron and screen writer. About his awards and recognition’s which are too many but to mention here a few, we are giving two names here let’s find out. He received Academy Awards twice and was also awarded with prestigious Golden Globe Awards thrice in his career.